Apple has halted the production of iPhone in Vietnam because the factories have not met the requirements

Tram Ho

As reported by Apple Insider, Apple visited the factory in Vietnam, owned by iPhone assembly partner Luxshare. This visit aims to check the conditions of the factory, further confirming the plan to bring the assembly line and iPhone production from China to Vietnam.

According to Luxshare’s foreign affairs director Tang Due Bang, an Apple representative visited the manufacturing plant in Vietnam last summer to check the building’s construction and iPhone assembly capabilities.

Apple tạm dừng kế hoạch sản xuất iPhone tại Việt Nam, vì các nhà máy chưa đáp ứng đủ yêu cầu - Ảnh 1.

Mr. Bang also affirmed that Luxshare’s factory in Van Trung industrial park, Bac Giang has been inspected, ensuring the right scale, with enough facilities and investment capital to start assembling iPhone.

“The Apple side has continuously surveyed the Luxshare factory in Bac Giang to ensure that it is eligible to assemble iPhones. Apple representatives said they were very impressed with the speed of our factory construction here. Apple also appreciates the potential of Vietnamese workers, who are very hardworking, ”said Mr. Bang.

Luxshare has invested 270 million USD to build a factory in Bac Giang, with about 28,000 workers working here. However, Luxshare will need to increase the number of workers to about 50,000-60,000 people, to be eligible to start iPhone production.

Currently, a part of Luxshare’s factory in Bac Giang has not met Apple’s requirements, especially requirements related to the workers’ dormitory next to it. The report did not specify what requirements Luxshare has not met, but said that it is because of these things that Apple is currently suspending the production of iPhone in Vietnam.

Luxshare is expanding its facility even further, with two plots of land outside the industrial park to build more worker dormitories. Maybe Luxshare will have to wait until these two dormitories are completed to start assembling iPhones for Apple.

Vietnam is not the only place Luxshare wants to build an iPhone assembly plant. In July, Luxshare bought a factory in China from Wistron for about $ 472 million to prepare for the assembly of the iPhone.

Reference: Appleinsider

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