Apple focuses on making money from the app with Developer Insights

Start-up specializes in home renovation, Houzz is Apple's focus in the latest Developer Insights series. Developer Insights emphasizes the impact of mobile apps and integrates Apple Pay in general, to create a successful money model.

On Apple's mini-site, Houzz's profile shows an example of a business transforming a mobile app into a successful E-commerce platform.

According to co-founder Alon Cohen, Houzz started with the user experience. At the core, the app is hand-crafted to provide customers with a variety of choices with home design products, renovation ideas and direct links to home repair professionals. The company has spent many years working with the iterative app process to give a name that can inform users about product trends and designs.

Houzz's dev created an interactive iOS app, optimizing separate hardware features of the iPhone and iPad. For example, the "View in My Room" feature allows users to place a virtual object in the room using the iPhone or iPad camera. Another well-known feature is a bright blue product tag that shakes, responding to the iPhone and iPad gyroscope – an extremely fun addition to the user experience.

When it came to making money, Cohen and the company started a local subscription service for professionals who wanted to advertise services to Houzz's growing userbase. Recently, the company has launched an e-commerce platform for users to find and purchase the proposed gadgets. This is an organic shift from educating consumers to conversion.
In addition to integrating Apple Pay in the app, Houzz also incorporates a quick checkout feature, streamlines the payment process – which is still lacking on other platforms.

Shaviv once said: "There is no need for a shopping cart, users click on Apple Pay to buy goods directly. This is the most used system of Apple Pay on our app. Basically, it has reduced the inconveniences, barriers when converting from a user to a buyer.

Houzz is taking full advantage of the App Store ecosystem as she continues to launch the tvOS app. This App emphasizes high quality photography, product placement and original video content.
Apple's iOS continues to be the gold standard, bringing success to devs, especially small companies and individuals. Also on August 3, CEO Tim Cook announced, since the platform launched since 2008, July this year is the App Store's biggest sales month when devs have paid more than $ 50 billion.

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