Apple explains why they can’t hack iPhone for FBI

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A few days ago, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation asked Apple to help them crack two password-protected iPhones that had been used by the perpetrator for the attack on a military base in Florida last month.

While Apple said it would work with investigators to provide them with data it held, the company added that it would not hack into these iPhones to extract additional data.

This is also the action that Apple used in 2015, when the FBI wanted it to unlock the iPhone used by the murderer in the San Bernardino case.

Speaking at CES 2020 in a rare appearance, Jane Horvath, the company’s security director, explained that the iPhones are equipped with strong encryption capabilities to protect customers, especially customers. Data stored in their phones, in case the device unfortunately falls into someone else’s hands.

Two-way encryption is extremely important for the services we use … health data, billing data for example. Phones are relatively small in size, they can be lost. or stolen. We need to make sure that if you lose that device, you will not be exposed to data, “ she said.

Apple giải thích tại sao họ không thể hack iPhone cho FBI - Ảnh 1.

Apple CEO Tim Cook warned in early 2016 that hacking an iPhone would be a compromise for the security of every other iPhone –

Falling into the wrong hands, this software – which does not exist today – will have the potential to unlock any iPhone that a person has in their hand,” he warned in a letter to the press.

Some argue that creating a backdoor for just one iPhone is a simple, quick solution. But that would violate the basic principles of digital security and the meaning of what Government requests in this case “.

Thanks to the failure, the FBI finally unlocked the San Bernardino murderer’s iPhone with help from a third party.

Reference: Softpedia

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