Apple: Don’t use AirTag to track pets and children!

Tram Ho

Apple recently released a new accessory called AirTag. As predicted earlier, AirTag uses Ultra Wideband technology and Find My Network to help iOS users locate personal items accurately within Bluetooth range.

Apple: Đừng dùng AirTag để theo dõi thú cưng và trẻ nhỏ! - Ảnh 1.

With the ability to locate extremely accurate and clear, AirTag is not limited to the ability to find common items, but instead, many people have come up with the idea of ​​using AirTag to track children indoors or used to track pets such as dogs, cats, mice … But, according to Apple, users should not use AirTag to do such things.

Apple: Đừng dùng AirTag để theo dõi thú cưng và trẻ nhỏ! - Ảnh 2.

Specifically, Apple’s Vice President of Global Marketing, Ms. Kaiann Drance, along with the Senior Director of Sensors / Connections of Apple, all confirmed in an interview with Fast Company that using AirTag to track children is something. Should not do, instead, if there is a need to monitor young children, users should use an Apple Watch with a dedicated children’s strap, while activating the Family Setup feature.

“When asked about whether parents should use ‌AirTags‌ to track their kids (such as when going out at parks) or other types of pets, Kaiann Drance emphasized that Apple designed the AirTag so that it could keep track of personal items, not apps on people or pets.If parents want to keep track of their kids safely, they should use the Apple Watch with the Family Setup feature. Using AirTag for pets, Drance argues that if people do, they just need to make sure the pet is on the move and is within the range of a device in the Find My‌ network, from which they can track. exact location”.

Apple: Đừng dùng AirTag để theo dõi thú cưng và trẻ nhỏ! - Ảnh 3.

Obviously, Apple doesn’t completely ban users from using AirTag on pets, however, as long as they make sure the pet stays within Find My’s traceable range. Currently on the market there are many navigation devices designed specifically for pets, so using AirTag for pets is possible, just not quite effective.

As for young children, as Apple emphasized, using AirTag to track children is not done as it is also highly effective, instead, using an Apple Watch with LTE connectivity and Children’s straps would be a more viable idea.

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