Apple changes warranty policy in Vietnam, iPhone is not easy to “1 for 1”

Tram Ho

Apple Authorized Service Centers (AASP) in Vietnam will apply Apple’s new warranty policy.

A representative of CellphoneS system said that up to now, a new warranty policy has been applied in the Vietnamese market and will depend on each specific case. Apple devices will be warranted in the form of checking and replacing components when having problems instead of changing to a new device as before. Thus, mainly iPhone 12 and machines with warranty period will be in this category.

Apple thay đổi chính sách bảo hành tại Việt Nam, iPhone không dễ được “1 đổi 1” - Ảnh 1.

Apple changes warranty policies in Vietnam, the rate of new device changes will decrease

Normally, genuine Apple products at CellphoneS or some other distribution units will be renewed within 30 days at the store. Then is the official warranty period at the company. Changing machines or replacing components at that time is dependent on the AASPs.

According to the representative of CellphoneS system, the new warranty policy will apply depending on each specific case.

According to the new Apple policy, machines with damaged components such as cameras, vibrators, speakerphones and physical keys will usually be replaced with corresponding components. If before 2017, these errors are mostly changed.

For Main errors, screens …, according to the new policy, Apple will replace the damaged parts correspondingly instead of changing the machine. However, a representative of CellphoneS said that by the beginning of 2021, most of these errors were still changed by the Warranty Center.

In addition, for the defects of many components at once or the high cost of repair and replacement, Apple will replace the device, depending on each specific case.

The warranty policy made in Vietnam is applied globally by Apple. According to the assessment, with the application of this policy, the eye roll, the percentage of new machines will gradually decrease and switch to replacing components. In the past, the rate of being replaced with a new machine was higher than the part replacement rate.

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