Apple can turn MacBook into a wireless charger for iPhone

Tram Ho

Apple dropped the idea of ​​integrating backward compatible wireless charging into its devices. For years, Apple had considered the idea of ​​turning the MacBook into a wireless charger, so it could charge the iPhone battery. Or the ability to charge the Apple Watch from an iPhone.

There is evidence, though, that Apple engineers are still working on backward-compatible wireless charging technology, and may one day turn these ideas into reality.

Apple có thể biến MacBook thành bộ sạc không dây cho iPhone - Ảnh 1.

Yesterday, a patent file filed by Apple in late 2019 was revealed. It is a patent related to two-way compatible wireless charging technology between devices. The first time Apple mentioned this idea was in 2015.

This evidence shows that Apple is quietly researching backward compatible wireless charging technology until the end of last year. The patent mentions that devices like MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads can wirelessly charge each other.

The profile also addresses the biggest problem with integrating backward compatible wireless chargers for each device. Because despite the standardized connector and cable, each device still needs a separate power adapter to be able to charge. This is also difficult when Apple developed the AirPower wireless charger, which can charge multiple devices at the same time.

But the idea is really interesting, when you just need to put an iPhone or Apple Watch on the MacBook and it can automatically charge the battery, no need for a cable. Or you can use your iPad to charge your iPhone in some emergencies. However, we will not know whether Apple can turn those ideas into reality or not, but one thing is for sure that they are still studying and not giving up.

Reference: appleinsider

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