Apple begins to lay off employees on a small scale

Tram Ho

According to Bloomberg, Apple has just laid off a small group of employees in the retail division. It is not clear how many people were laid off. The layoffs are seen by Apple as a means of improving operations, not cutting costs.

So far, Apple is still the company that does not conduct layoffs as much as other large technology companies. Specifically, Google has cut 12,000 employees, Amazon is 27,000, Meta (Facebook parent company) is 21,000 and Microsoft is 10,000.

Apple’s layoffs are currently on a very small scale, but it shows that Apple is no longer a company that does not lay off employees.

According to Bloomberg, the number of employees Apple cut is in the department responsible for building and maintaining retail stores. The furloughed employees were told they had until the end of the week to apply to other parts of the company. Apple currently pays up to four months of benefits to layoffs.

This is the first time Apple has laid off full-time employees since other tech companies have fired. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, CEO  said that Apple has taken various measures to cut costs and that the staff reduction is the last step.

Last month, Bloomberg reported that Apple had cut some contractors, restricted the recruitment of new employees, stopped paying bonuses, reduced travel budgets, delayed some projects … to cut operating costs.

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Source : Genk