Apple admits that the AirPods Pro have a serious audio error, promising to renew them for free

Tram Ho

Apple posted a notice on its website about an issue that some AirPods Pro users are experiencing. Accordingly, Apple admitted that a small number of AirPods Pro headphones have encountered audio errors, creating strange noises such as crackling noises or noise when listening.

Users also complained that the active noise cancellation (ANC) feature of the AirPods Pro is not working as expected. Noises around, like traffic or aircraft, can be heard clearly even with the noise canceling turned on.

Apple thừa nhận AirPods Pro gặp lỗi âm thanh nghiêm trọng, hứa sẽ đổi mới miễn phí cho người dùng - Ảnh 1.

A few other users also noticed that the bass when listening to the music disappeared. Apple has confirmed these errors and promised to make a free renewal for those AirPods Pro users who have problems, regardless of whether one ear or both sides need to be replaced.

Apple says the affected AirPods Pro are made before October 2020, meaning every AirPods Pro ever makes qualifies for the innovation. Users can contact Apple Store or authorized Apple stores for testing and renewal.

Apple also said that the charging case of the AirPods Pro headphones will not be replaced. The next-generation AirPods Pro headset is expected to be launched next year, with a changed design and possibly no longer an extended body.

Reference: theverge

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