Apple acquired a startup that could make a major camera revolution on the iPhone

Tram Ho

Apple has just acquired Spectral Edge, a UK-based startup. Spectral Edge develops a technology that promises to make the iPhone camera revolution possible in the future.

Apple thâu tóm startup có thể thực hiện cuộc đại cách mạng camera trên iPhone - Ảnh 1.

The founders of Spectral Edge have previously worked at the University of East Anglia. They developed an algorithm for photography technology, which could blend image data from a standard lens and an IR infrared lens, to enhance the image quality.

We can see how what Spectral Edge is doing will make a difference when taking photos, through the two photos below. On the left is a picture taken with a normal camera, and on the right is a photo taken with Spectral Edge's technology. It can be easily seen that Spectral Edge's technology greatly improves the color of the image.

Apple thâu tóm startup có thể thực hiện cuộc đại cách mạng camera trên iPhone - Ảnh 2.

While smartphone manufacturers are racing to develop camera technology, it's understandable that Apple wants to acquire small companies specializing in photography technology. With Spectral Edge's algorithmic photography technology, future iPhones promise to have a revolutionary new camera.

However, Apple has not officially confirmed it will bring Spectral Edge's technology to the iPhone. If you really want to do that, maybe Apple will have to equip an IR infrared lens specifically for future iPhones. That will make the upcoming iPhones have 4 or 5 rear cameras.

Reference: Theverge

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