Apple acknowledged that the disease had a major impact on the iPhone

Tram Ho

The supply chain of components and iPhone assembly plants in China was paralyzed while the shopping demand here also dropped sharply.

In a statement released yesterday, Apple said the company will not meet its business targets for the second quarter of this year. Covid-19 caused Apple to suffer losses in both the production and consumption of products that are primarily iPhone phones.

The major production partners of “Apple” based in China such as Foxconn, Wistron have to stop operations for a few weeks. In addition, all Apple Store stores in China have been closed for long periods during the days of the disease outbreak. Some have just been reopened recently but the flow of visitors is very small, and sales are down sharply.

Apple Store temporarily closed in China in January.

Apple Store temporarily closed in China in January.

Foxconn started a number of production lines last week and only dared to set a target of 50% production by the end of this month. “The work has begun to resume in China, but things are a lot slower than we expected,” the announcement reads. The company also warned that global iPhone supply would be “temporarily restricted”.

Quarter I / 2020 fiscal revenue announced by Apple was US $ 91.8 billion, much higher than the same period last year of US $ 84.3 billion. It also forecast that the fiscal quarter 2/2020 revenue would range from $ 63 to $ 67 billion. However, the most optimistic experts at the moment also think that iPhone manufacturers will hardly reach 60 billion USD.

“Our top priority now and always so is the health and safety of our employees, supply chain partners, customers and the communities in which we operate,” said CEO Tim Cook. There are paragraphs and specific business results for this fiscal quarter (from January to March) will be released in April.

Apple recently no longer provided iPhone-specific sales in its quarterly financial statements and replaced sales of this product line instead. The first quarter of this year recorded it sold $ 55.96 billion of iPhones, well above Wall Street’s expectations of $ 52 billion.

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Source : Techtalk