Applancer’s Topdev to enable faster, more effective IT human resource recruitment

Ngoc Huynh

Mobile application outsourcing platform Applancer on August 1 officially launched Topdev, a recruiting solution poised to make the process of hiring developers as well as many other IT positions, such as helpdesk, testers, and quality assurance, faster and more convenient.

This is how Topdev works: when a recruiter lists a job through Topdev, the information is going to be displayed on many forums for IT professionals in Vietnam, including the largest ones, such as, Congdongcviet, Gamehub and Gamestudio… According to the company’s press release, Topdev has a coverage of about 90 per cent of Vietnamese IT professionals.

Topdev is also capable of promoting the job listing to potential applicants through SMS, Email and other channels.

Most importantly, Topdev currently boasts a database of more than 15,000 applicants, each with a standardised resume and a video clip that introduces the applicant’s capabilities, that recruiters can sift through with ease.

With flexible payment plans and methods suitable for recruiters’ varying needs, the solution thus provides a more efficient alternative to spending time manually listing jobs on different forums or money on hiring through agencies -the way many companies have been doing.

“Having worked in IT for many years, I understand very well what recruiters want and the shortcomings of the current methods of recruiting,” said Applancer’s CEO Nguyen Huu Binh. “That is why we created Topdev, to solve these problems and increase the efficiency of the whole process of recruitment, especially for the IT field.”

Applancer JSC was established in 2014 and has been involved in the production and publication of many apps on iTunes, Google Play and the Windows Phone Store as well as apps custom-made for companies. The company officially released the mobile application outsourcing platform Applancer on January 1st, 2015.

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