Appears a new ‘joke’ of the cryptocurrency field: Fans cast a statue of Elon Musk’s head with goat body, bring it to Tesla headquarters to give gifts to idols

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Even as the cold night falls, a group of crypto entrepreneurs gather outside the Tesla headquarters. They did not leave until Elon Musk – who they named their digital currency, noticed a special sculpture.

It’s a 6-ton statue, with Elon Musk’s head but… goat body and riding a rocket. According to the Wall Street Journal, this is the latest “farce” in the cryptocurrency world, where bizarre stories and meme photos are regularly shared on social networking sites. However, a sculpture weighing tons is a rather special advertising “trick”.

Xuất hiện 'trò đùa' mới của lĩnh vực tiền số: Người hâm mộ đúc tượng đầu Elon Musk mình dê, mang đến trụ sở Tesla để tặng quà thần tượng - Ảnh 1.

The creators of the Elon GOAT coin were inspired by fans for the billionaire. They and other fans of Musk consider him “the greatest of all time”, or “GOAT” (short for the phrase greatest of all time).

They literally adore him, spending up to $600,000 to create a sculpture with Elon Musk’s head, goat body, wearing a gold-plated necklace with the Dogecoin logo and riding a rocket. This rocket can move and point to the sky as if ready to take off. Inside the rocket is also a gas pipeline, so the flame can be ejected from the tail.

Xuất hiện trò đùa mới của lĩnh vực tiền số: Người hâm mộ đúc tượng đầu Elon Musk mình dê, mang đến trụ sở Tesla để tặng quà thần tượng - Ảnh 1.

The head of the statue in the making.

This group of entrepreneurs brought the statue to Tesla headquarters, hoping to give the gift to Musk. They call this event “GOATSgiving”. However, about 2 hours after they arrived, the founder of Tesla still did not show up.

Dustin Dailey, a security officer at Tesla’s headquarters, told the group that they could not accept the gift on Musk’s behalf but would find a place to keep it if the “boss” agreed. But, so far, Musk has not given any indication as to whether he will accept the gift or not.

Alec Wolvert, co-founder and CMO of Elon GOAT, said they are planning to camp on a plot of land near a highway, overlooking Tesla’s headquarters until Musk receives the statue.

According to Ashley Sansalone – co-founder of Elon GOAT, the idea for this statue was implemented last year. It started out as a joke but ended up being turned into reality by them.

Sansalone further shared that he worked day and night to create this digital currency, having previously run a construction and energy trading company. Unlike Bitcoin, Ether or Dogecoin, Elon GOAT is not a well-known digital currency. The coin is not among the largest by market capitalization, according to CoinMarketCap.

This group of entrepreneurs turned to Kevin Stone – a metal sculptor in British Columbia, Canada, to make the giant sculpture. The goal is to “motivate” Musk to share on Twitter about this statue to more than 118 million followers and create attention for their digital currency, Elon GOAT. “If shared by Elon, our digital currency will be known to many people,” Sansalone said.

Xuất hiện trò đùa mới của lĩnh vực tiền số: Người hâm mộ đúc tượng đầu Elon Musk mình dê, mang đến trụ sở Tesla để tặng quà thần tượng - Ảnh 2.

Stone took 6 months to complete the head of the statue. The goat body and rocket were built by others in Phoenix, to speed things up. Then all the parts are put together and placed on a semi-trailer more than 21m long.

DeMarco Hill, a person who saw the statue, said: “I gasped when I saw it. I am pulling my son and following him to admire. It’s something you’ve never seen in your life.”

Then Hill, a driver with the Stay Ready Trucking company, ran up to Sansalone and asked if he could join the project. Sansalone said Mr Hill’s presence was necessary as only a person with a special permit could transport the statue.

And Hill drove the work through California, Arizona and Washington, eventually taking it to Texas. He said that the drivers he met on the road all expressed interest in this statue. Every time I pull to the side of the road, everyone gathers to admire.

Sansalone said, this work has mostly received positive feedback. He had never seen anyone mistake the statue’s face for another.

By September, the work was placed in front of Tesla’s headquarters in Palo Alto, California, while the company’s AI conference took place. Tesla employees ran across the street to take pictures with the statue. Musk was also present at the event, so Sansalone thinks the billionaire saw it.

As of last Saturday night, Sansalone’s team still had high hopes. At one point, a group of about 20 of them shouted: “Elon, come and receive the gift”, in the hope that the “god of digital money” would hear.

Refer to WSJ

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