Appears a dangerous ‘new variant’ of the Wi-Fi network name error on iPhone, the device only needs to be within the coverage area to get hit

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Two weeks ago, a disturbing report surfaced regarding a strange bug that could affect iPhones and iOS devices, leaving them unable to connect to any Wi-Fi hotspots. Fi when enabled. The problem occurs only when the user connects to a Wi-Fi network named “%p%s%s%s%s%n”.

Fortunately, this error has a simple, albeit somewhat inconvenient, fix, which is to reset all network settings. It can also be easily avoided by not connecting to wireless networks that have a (%) symbol in their name.

But recently, another iPhone error variant with almost similar characteristics has appeared. But it is more dangerous and serious, because it is almost impossible for users to avoid and it is also more difficult to repair the device.

Xuất hiện biến thể mới nguy hiểm của lỗi tên mạng Wi-Fi trên iPhone, thiết bị chỉ cần nằm trong vùng phủ sóng là dính đòn - Ảnh 1.

The initial Wi-Fi network name error only causes little trouble for iOS users.

Basically, the original error was related to Wi-Fi access points or wireless access points (Access Points) that used a percent sign (‘%’) in their name. In many programming languages, this notation is used to denote that the character following it means a command rather than a displayed letter. Somewhere in the code of the iOS operating system, this could completely disrupt the platform’s ability to connect to any Wi-Fi network. Luckily, just resetting in the phone’s network settings mode is all back to normal.

And the initial error can only be triggered if the user tries to connect to a Wi-Fi network with such a name, which most people can avoid in the first place. Unfortunately, this second vulnerability doesn’t even require any user interaction. According to the security researcher who published the first bug, just the user’s device being within range of a network named “%secretclub% power” is enough for the device to lose all Wi-Fi functionality and capabilities connection to a Wi-Fi network.

Xuất hiện biến thể mới nguy hiểm của lỗi tên mạng Wi-Fi trên iPhone, thiết bị chỉ cần nằm trong vùng phủ sóng là dính đòn - Ảnh 2.

Warning about new variant of “Wi-Fi network name error for iOS devices”

Of course, after an error, the user’s iPhone can still be fixed, but it’s not as simple as resetting the network settings. Users will have to completely reset the phone or restore from a previous backup. Even real users can still attempt to back up their iPhone while in this state, but they will have to manually edit the backup’s network list to remove the name of the aforementioned wireless access point. .

The iPhone’s first Wi-Fi bug is only annoying for careless users. However, this latter bug is now considered a serious security flaw, which can be exploited by anyone with control of the router or Wi-Fi hotspot.

But so far, Apple has remained silent on the matter. However, according to experts, this new error may cause the company to at least issue a statement to acknowledge and promise to fix it soon.

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