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Tram Ho

What are Collections? Literally, it is a Folder, helping to pack the requests into one place. So can not use it? The answer is OK, but you will encounter some of the following problems:

  • Will have to use History to find the requests used, similar to you all day having to rummage through the History of Chrome, while just one bookmark is done.
  • The automated API documents generated by Postman cannot be used
  • Cannot use Runner function, which makes Requests run continuously.

I. Create 1 Collection.

  1. Click the [create collection] button on the sidebar
  2. Enter a name and description (optional) for the collection.
  3. Save the request to Collection.
  • B1. Create a new Request (Like the previous post)
  • B2. Click the Save button
  • B3. Select the Collection to save and Save next.

NOTE: For TH fields that want to add requests from History to Collection.

  • B1. Click on the icon (+)
  • B2. Select the Collection to save and Save.

2. 1 Collection main settings.

  • Share collections: create links to share with others in collections (limited by account type).
  • Rename: Rename the collection.
  • Edit: Edit the name and description of the collection.
  • Add Folder: create a new collection inside that Collection.
  • Duplicate: Duplicate an existing collection.
  • Export: Export the collection to a .json file
  • Monitor Collection: Used to test performance (limited by account type).
  • Mock Collection: helps to simulate APIs using Example functions that postman supports. (limited by account type).
  • Publish Docs: Creates HTML Docs API.
  • Delete: Delete the Collection.

Also you can view Collection details by clicking the arrow [<].

Reference source:

https://www.guru99.com/api-testing.html https://medium.com/aubergine-solutions/api-testing-using-postman-323670c89f6d

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