APG marine fiber optic cable restores 100% capacity after power reconfiguration

Tram Ho

The APG international undersea cable route was officially put into operation in mid-December 2016. With a length of about 10,400 km, this cable is located under the Pacific Ocean, with the ability to provide a maximum bandwidth of up to 54 Tbps.

This cable route has connection points in China, Hong Kong (China), Taiwan (China), Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. With the participation of investment from Vietnamese carriers, APG is considered as a cable route that contributes to bringing stable transmission lines with larger capacity to Internet users in Vietnam.

As reported by ICTnews, on April 15, the APG undersea cable had a problem on the S1.7 segment, about 910 km from the Singapore landing station of the cable line. The preliminary cause was determined by the management unit of the APG submarine cable route to be a broken fiber on segment S1.7. The APG cable problem encountered for the first time in 2022 has disrupted all international Internet connection services on the cable route.

Cáp quang biển APG khôi phục 100% dung lượng sau khi cấu hình lại nguồn - Ảnh 1.

Currently, the management unit of the APG cable route has not yet announced the repair and troubleshooting schedule that occurred on April 15 on the S1.7 branch (Artwork: Internet)

In the information shared with ICTnews on April 24, a representative of an Internet service provider (ISP) in Vietnam said that from the morning of April 22, the cable management unit completed the configuration. source of the APG undersea cable system. After configuring the source, all traffic on the APG cable route, including the route’s connection to Singapore, has been restored.

This ISP representative also added that this is only a temporary power configuration option of the system to restore capacity. When the system is mobilized to repair ships, the connection capacity on the APG submarine cable route will be lost during the troubleshooting process that occurred on May 15.

However, up to the present time, ISPs in Vietnam have not been informed by the APG undersea cable management unit about the plan to repair and overcome the problem that occurred on April 15 on the S1.7 branch of the APG branch. cable line.

APG is one of five international undersea fiber optic cable routes that accounts for most of the Internet connection capacity from Vietnam to international destinations, along with four other routes including (Asia – America Gateway), SMW3 (also known as SEA – ME – WE3 ), Pan-Asia (IA – Intra Asia) and AAE-1 (Asia – Africa – Euro 1).

It is expected that from 2023, network operators in Vietnam will have more ADC cable lines to supplement international connection capacity. The ADC undersea optical cable route connects countries and territories in the Asia-Pacific region, including Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong (China), China, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand.

The ADC cable has an underground cable length of 9,800km, a capacity of over 140 Tbps, using the most modern transmission technology today, helping to connect countries in the Asia-Pacific region with a total investment. originally $290 million. This undersea cable route can meet the deployment of international Internet connection applications that require high speed such as: Internet of Things (IoT), automation, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (AR/) VR); at the same time, ensuring the safety and redundancy of the network, ensuring the quality of Internet services and other international connection services.

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