Angry Tim Cook sent an email because Apple internally leaked information, that email was also leaked

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Apple clearly doesn’t like their secrets revealed by leakers. Recently, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, had a cold message for leakers who are “hiding” in the company: You do not belong to Apple, and we will find you.

According to The Verge, Tim Cook was disappointed by two announcements he made at a plenary meeting last week about the company’s policy for unvaccinated employees who will be routinely tested for COVID-19. regularly, and the lawsuit against Epic, was leaked to the media soon after.

Tim Cook nổi giận gửi email vì nội bộ Apple làm rò rỉ thông tin, email đó cũng bị rò rỉ ra ngoài - Ảnh 1.

Ironically, this content is also in a leaked email allegedly sent by Tim Cook to employees, saying he has heard many employees frustrated by leaks from company meetings. He was also disappointed.

“Opportunities to connect as a team are really important. But they’re only useful if we can trust the content to stay within Apple,” Cook wrote. “I want to reassure you that we are doing everything in our power to identify the leakers. As you know, we do not accept the disclosure of confidential information, whether it is the product or the details of a secret meeting. We know that there are a small number of leakers. We also know that leakers of confidential information don’t belong here.”

Tim Cook nổi giận gửi email vì nội bộ Apple làm rò rỉ thông tin, email đó cũng bị rò rỉ ra ngoài - Ảnh 2.

In recent months, Apple has been hunting down sellers of stolen iPhone prototypes, believed to have been smuggled out of the factory by Chinese employees. Apple also extends to taking action with leakers who reveal unreleased product content, such as a Chinese leaker nicknamed “Kang” who said that Apple sent him a warning letter.

As for why Apple hates leaks so much, aside from the obvious answer to business impact, the company has stated that leaks could affect accessory makers. . For example, these companies may, based on leaks, create accessories that do not match the final version of the product.

Apple is also outraged that leaks mean it can’t surprise people with product launches, which it considers an important part of the company.

Reference: TheVerge

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