Android can now text like iMessage, but not yet for iMessage users

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For users in the US, Google's Messages app now officially supports "chat" features, such as displaying read notifications, signaling the other person is typing, and better supporting photo messages. and group messages. The new update is the result of Google's year-long effort to erase SMS – a service created decades ago before the first smartphones changed forever the way we text.

In November of this year, Google announced it would upgrade its Messages app to support Rich Communication Services (RCS), a newer standard that allows messages to be sent over Wi-Fi networks, along with many features. Other "chat" which is no stranger to today's texting users. But because this is Google, this update should not be activated until Thursday.

Before picking up your phone to try it out, you need to know the conditions for using Google's new messaging service: the latest version of Messages and Carrier Services. If so, you will be able to text with all the "chat" features fully enabled.

Another important thing is that these updates only work if you text someone who is also using an RCS-enabled messaging app. Therefore, if you're texting an old, outdated application (like the default messaging apps provided by carriers), then they will be forced to upgrade. OK. (Identify the message you are sending as RCS or SMS: look at the edit window before you start typing; if supporting RCS, the conversation will be labeled as "chat message")

Android nay đã có thể nhắn tin như iMessage, nhưng chưa nhắn được cho người dùng iMessage - Ảnh 1.

Unfortunately, although Google has launched, Android users and iOS users still can not message each other comfortably. Because Android Messages' chat "can work similarly to iMessage, Apple doesn't support RCS in its messaging services. Therefore any messages between iOS and Android users will still be sent via the old SMS standard.

" We will need Apple to also support RCS for this experience to be improved for iPhone users," explained Google product manager Sanaz Ahari in an November interview. " But we believe make sure users are the ones who upgraded themselves from technology over 30 years old to the modern messaging protocol they deserve. "

For its part, Apple has not yet announced whether it will support RCS or not, but there is information that the company has had discussions on this issue, so maybe hope remains. Until then, if you want to text a group with friends using an iPhone, you'll have to use a separate app, like WhatsApp.

But Google has finally activated the "chat" feature to at least get people one step closer to a future where everyone can freely message one another without having to worry about group chats. half.

Reference: Mashable

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