An article takes 1 hour to complete, super chatbot AI ChatGPT only needs… 30 seconds

Tram Ho

“Write an article explaining what a payment gateway is” was the command Henry Williams, a freelance journalist in London, gave to ChatGPT. He was quite impressed with the results. Although the tone isn’t as human and the structure as complex as a college essay, the main points, grammar, and syntax are all spot on.

After careful consideration, Williams still accepted this article because it is an article with sponsored content to attract investment. After a little editing, he submitted the article to the client and was approved immediately. Williams shared: “This article is enough to convince customers, the quality is not inferior to the product that took me an hour to perfect.”

However, his amusement quickly turned to horror when ChatGPT wrote this article in 30 seconds, an article for which he was paid 500 pounds (about 618 USD).

Williams said, even when putting articles into anti-plagiarism software, the results are 100% unique content. However, the developers themselves admit that ChatGPT still has certain limitations. This tool tends to repeat sentences and encounter some minor errors in wording. However, when used heavily, AI will get smarter and can learn many different writing styles, even mimicking the tone of a specific brand or organization on demand.

Williams tried to let ChatGPT write this article, and this is how the tool opens the paragraph:

“As a professional copywriter, I have spent years honing and honing my skills. But now it seems my work is in danger of being replaced by ChatGPT, a large language model developed by OpenAI.”

According to PwC, AI will create a $15 trillion increase in global GDP by 2030. Along with that, AI will replace about 3% of jobs. By the mid-2030s, this percentage could rise to 30-40%. In the group of low-skilled workers. So a lot of people will have to “upgrade their skills” or face unemployment.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, claims AI can generate enough economic output to pay each adult in the US about $13,500 per year, while helping to reduce the cost of goods and services. However, the problem is not only with income. For many people, not being able to work or contribute to society can cause depression, anxiety and social ills.

Governments have been developing strategies to deal with this rapid change in the labor market. Any revolutionary change in technology will reshape human life. AI is no exception.

The ChatGPT tool itself wrote: “It’s important to find the right balance between using technology and honing your skills. ChatGPT will not replace your work but partner to create more impactful and persuasive content.”

Reference: The Guardian

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