AMD promises to fix Ryzen chips with reduced performance on Windows 11

Tram Ho

Installing Windows 11 can reduce the performance of computers using AMD chips, which is warned by the chip manufacturer itself. AMD has published documentation of several Windows 11 bugs affecting their Ryzen processors, one of which can slow down CPUs by up to 15%. This bug can increase L3 cache latency by three times, which in turn can affect applications that need fast access to memory.

AMD hứa sẽ sửa lỗi chip Ryzen bị giảm hiệu năng trên Windows 11 - Ảnh 1.

Most affected applications may experience a 2 to 5% slowdown. However, AMD says if you play games that are “commonly used in eSports,” the bug can slow those games down by about 10 to 15 percent. The second error has to do with the “preferred cores” feature that allows the system to use the fastest individual CPU cores in the processor.

AMD didn’t mention any specific percentage for the latter, but the company says it has a greater impact on chips with more than eight cores and with 65W or more Thermal Design Power (TDP). , which includes many high-end computer chips released in the past few years, but suggests that popular models like the 3600X and 5600X will be less affected and laptops with AMD chips will not have a problem.

In an announcement, AMD assured that it is investigating the issues and working on a fix. The patch for the first bug will be released as a Windows update, while the second fix will be rolled out as a software update sometime this month.

Reference: Engadget

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