Ambitious project hidden behind the Facebook Avatar feature

Tram Ho

Vietnam social network is booming with Facebook’s new Avatar creation feature. This is a tool to recreate the user’s face with basic styles and extracted for use as a funny icon (sticker).

This feature has actually been available in the US since May, was tested in South Africa a few weeks ago and is now available in Vietnam. Facebook has opened up many other regions of the world to test this feature for a much larger project called Facebook Horizon.

Dự án đầy tham vọng ẩn sau tính năng Facebook Avatar - Ảnh 1.

Facebook Horizon, where users interact with friends anywhere at any time

So what is Facebook Horizon? This is a virtual world where users can create anything with friends, similar to Minecraft open world building games or Second Life life simulation games. The first thing before entering this world is to create an Avatar, sounds familiar, right. This is what Facebook has just “spread” to Vietnamese users.

Avatar created at Facebook will be used as you enter the virtual world Horizon, exactly as CEO Mark Zuckerberg said and expected in 2017. Billions of Facebook users will be transformed into Horizon users in one The process was quiet even before the project was officially launched.

Horizon is currently conducting limited testing in a few countries. But when it launches, Horizon will be a huge virtual world where users can interact with the real thing, from shopping, dining, entertainment to e-learning and lots of activities. real life is different.

Dự án đầy tham vọng ẩn sau tính năng Facebook Avatar - Ảnh 2.

Mark Zuckerberg himself is very PR active for this new Avatar creation feature

But that is not enough, the tool to make users enjoy these activities is the Oculus virtual reality glasses. This product is still quite expensive, but Facebook has the ability to reduce the price of hardware and offset the costs with revenue from software services in the future.

Obviously, Facebook is ambitious in the VR / AR field with the main audience of people with plenty of time. It is all starting from the fact that you are following the trend of creating Avatar on this social network.


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Source : Genk