Amazon offers cryptocurrency mining in the cloud

Tram Ho

Using this algorithm, mining Chia does not consume too much power as it only uses the free hard drive. Chia’s network has now mobilized more than 2,700 PiB (1 PiB = 1125.9 TB) of available hard drive space.

Very quickly, Chia caught the attention of Amazon and launched a virtual money mining service in the cloud exclusively for the China region. The Amazon website also shows how to set up a cloud service to create a Split wallet, create a space, and how to mine in just 5 minutes.

Amazon cho đào tiền ảo trên đám mây - Ảnh 1.

Dong Chia is being traded on a number of small exchanges with a large fluctuation range.

Dong Chia started the validation process and allowed mining on March 19, a process known as the mainnet. At that time, Chinese miners flocked to e-commerce sites to buy hard drives and sold these items out of stock, mainly in the super-hard drive segment of 10 TB or more.

And after about two months, Chia officially went public on May 4 with the virtual currency code XCH, the starting price of 1,700 USD. But immediately this currency must witness selling momentum causing it to drop in value to only $ 700 before rebounding around $ 900 mark.

Over time, with the Bitcoin fever, new virtual currencies are constantly appearing and being pumped, making it worth fluctuating up and down. The volatility of the virtual currency market is part of the reason that many countries are afraid of Bitcoin in general and virtual currencies in particular.

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Source : Genk