Amazon got in the way of Starlink satellite internet service, Elon Musk sarcastically: Turns out Mr. Bezos retired just to sue

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Blue Origin’s lawsuit has caused the contract between SpaceX and NASA to be postponed for another time. Of course, that doesn’t make billionaire Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, unhappy at all about rival Jeff Bezos.

Earlier this month, billionaire Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin company sued NASA over a contract to send people to the Moon that the agency gave SpaceX. This lawsuit has had the effect of delaying SpaceX’s participation in this project.

Not only that, a few days ago, Amazon also recommended that the Federal Telecommunications Commission FCC cancel SpaceX’s plan to launch thousands of satellites into the sky to provide satellite internet for Starlink service.

In response to Amazon’s complaint, Mr Musk tweeted: ” Turns out Mr. Besos retiring to take a full-time job is suing against SpaceX… ” Musk even seemed to have purposely written. Misspelled Mr. Bezos’ name (Mr Musk’s tweet was Besos).

Bị Amazon ngáng đường dịch vụ internet vệ tinh Starlink, Elon Musk mỉa mai: Hóa ra ông Bezos nghỉ hưu chỉ để đi kiện - Ảnh 1.

In fact, Amazon’s recent complaint is not a legal case at all, but a letter of protest. So, technically, it can’t be said that Amazon doesn’t want SpaceX to launch its Starlink satellite internet service, but it’s clear that the text of the letter shows its intention to have this plan scrapped.

Starlink currently relies on 1,740 satellites in low-Earth orbit to serve approximately 90,000 customers. SpaceX is currently ramping up its launch rate to send about 30,000 second-generation satellites into space to improve this internet service, and so SpaceX must tell the FCC where they are exactly around Earth. Amazon’s complaint is about SpaceX asking the FCC to approve two completely different satellite configurations on a mission for the second generation to be accepted.

SpaceX’s new approach to registering two mutually exclusive configurations is contrary to FCC rules and public policy, and we therefore urge the Commission to remove this modification .” Mariah Dodson Shuman, legal counsel for Amazon subsidiary Kuiper Systems.

Bị Amazon ngáng đường dịch vụ internet vệ tinh Starlink, Elon Musk mỉa mai: Hóa ra ông Bezos nghỉ hưu chỉ để đi kiện - Ảnh 2.

Shuman said struggling with two different satellite configurations would “double the efforts” of other satellite internet operators – including Amazon’s Kuiper Systems, which has yet to launch any satellite. The company said that SpaceX’s approach will cause other parties to consider “concerns about possible interference and debris in orbit” when there are two satellite configurations in the sky. .

Ms. Shuman’s suggestion was that SpaceX should choose one configuration to operate and that using two satellite configurations would set a bad precedent that would allow future satellite operators to take more risks. for the entire industry.

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