Amazon employees gathered to protest in front of Jeff Bezos’ $ 165 million mansion

Tram Ho

A group led by former Amazon Assistant Directors brought banners to the gate of Jeff Bezos’ Beverly Hills residence over the weekend to protest for hourly wage increases and employee benefits.

 Nhân viên Amazon vây kín biểu tình trước dinh thự 165 triệu USD của Jeff Bezos - Ảnh 1.

The group gathered together on Sunday at Will Rogers Memorial Park before going to the Bezos mansion and protested against working conditions, calling for the company to offer free health care and pay increases. by the hour. Bezos paid a record amount of $ 165 million to buy a home in Beverly Hills. Then the source revealed that he spent another 10 million dollars to buy the house next door.

The group of protesters asked to be equipped with protective equipment, full sanitary equipment, and increased the hourly salary by $ 2 more because of risks in the process of working. In addition, the attendees brought banners that read “Tax bezos” (taxing Bezos).

 Nhân viên Amazon vây kín biểu tình trước dinh thự 165 triệu USD của Jeff Bezos - Ảnh 2.

Amazon has faced many problems from its employees about working conditions during the pandemic.

Sunday’s protesters were led by former Amazon employee Christian Smalls – who used to be an assistant manager at one of Amazon’s warehouses in Staten Island, New York.

Amazon fired Smalls after he helped organize earlier protests in March on the company’s health and safety policies in warehouses after a colleague of mine became infected with Covid. -19. Smalls accused Amazon’s dismissal as revenge for the act, and Amazon continued to deny it.

“When a trillion-dollar company causes 20,000 employees to contract Covid-19 through negligence, forcing its employees to abide by unqualified working conditions. They go beyond the richest corporations. They have the resources to ensure the health and safety of their employees but choose not to do so.

“Nothing is more important than the health and well-being of our employees and we are doing everything we can to keep them as safe as possible,” said an Amazon spokesperson. “The fact that Amazon has provided what the labor union asks for its employees: Industry-leading pay, other benefit packages, career advancement opportunities, a safe work environment. At Amazon, there’s both the benefits and opportunities that come with the job as well as the ability to connect directly with the company’s leadership, “an Amazon spokesperson continued.

This protest is not the first. In August, a group of protesters organized by the Congress of Essential Workers led by Smalls also demonstrated in front of Bezos’ apartment in Manhattan.

Demonstrators in August gathered to call for “safer working conditions and fairer wages for the employees in Amazon’s warehouse”. In addition the group also wrote a list of requirements including salary increases, health care for full-time employees. In addition, these people are also demanding more tax on the richest people in America.

Bezos saw his wealth record record highs during the pandemic, adding $ 13 billion in just one day in June when Amazon reported second quarter sales to record $ 88.9 billion, up 40% year-on-year. last.

In the context of the ongoing protests and criticism aimed at the company. Last year, the retail giant confirmed that it had increased its base salary, introduced new policies and new welfare programs for its employees, and also paid more attention to health services for its employees. However, recently they announced a shocking number when up to 20,000 employees infected Covid-19.

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