Alliance Hyundai – Apple will launch “beta car” from 2022, mass production from 2024

Tram Ho

Information about the Apple Car electric car is becoming more and more certain when a new Reuters report citing Korea IT News said that the cooperation agreement between Apple and Hyundai will be signed in March.

Apple’s electric vehicle will either be co-produced by these companies at a plant in Georgia owned by Kia Motors, a subsidiary of Hyundai Motors, or will invest in the construction of a new factory, the report said. in the US with capacity up to 400,000 vehicles per year. The report also mentions that a “beta” version of the electric Apple Car could be released in 2022.

Liên minh Hyundai - Apple sẽ ra mắt mẫu xe beta từ 2022, sản xuất hàng loạt từ 2024 - Ảnh 1.

This report also reinforces an earlier Reuters report on when mass production of electric cars would begin in 2024. However, it is also a rather ambitious timeline, as a report Other reports from Bloomberg claim that Apple Car is “a long way from production” and will only be ready at that stage in about 5 to 7 years.

Rumors about Hyundai and Apple cooperating in electric vehicle production surfaced last week, suggesting that Apple is planning to rely on an automaker to launch its electric car and develop batteries using technology. new. The high costs of technology as well as the ability to produce cars were probably the reasons behind this decision.

Not long after the rumor appeared, Hyundai confirmed the discussion of cooperation with Apple in its statement to CNBC, but it was later revised and did not mention Apple in its statement. ty.

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