All ways to update Vinaphone, MobiFone and Viettel subscriber information to avoid sim lock after March 31

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In order to implement Decision No. 06 of the Prime Minister and ensure that by the end of March 31, 2023, all active subscribers have correct information and match with the National Population Database after For comparison, the Department of Telecommunications has requested the network operators to review, compare and verify the information of subscribers who have all documents and register information in accordance with regulations for subscribers whose information has not yet been verified. matches the information in the National Population Database.

Accordingly, from March 31, 2023, carriers will start one-way locking for subscribers whose information does not match the information compared with the national database on population.

After that, two-way information will be locked with these subscribers and after 2 months, the contract will be terminated, if the subscriber does not register to standardize personal information as prescribed.

Ways to standardize information for MobiFone, Vinaphone and Viettel subscribers

(1) For MobiFone subscribers

Customers who have not standardized information will receive a message from MobiFone to standardize subscriber information in the following ways:

Method 1: Go to the nearest MobiFone store

List of stores at website:, section “Customer Support” (Search Stores by Province/City and District). Customers need to bring identification for the teller to assist at the counter.

Method 2: Using the My MobiFone application (individual prepaid customers in the file that do not match the national population database)

Step 1: Download the application My MobiFone. Log in the phone number that needs to be registered with OTP.

Step 2: At the main interface of the application, click More in the lower right corner of the interface, select Customer information.

Select “Subscriber information” to check the information.

Select “Register information” to update subscriber information.

Step 3: When clicking “Register information”, the system will ask to enter OTP code before updating subscriber information

Step 4 : Take a photo of your identity card/citizen ID/passport front/back and a portrait photo. Sign on the application screen and select “Continue”

Step 5: Personal information is recognized by the AI ​​system through the updated image in Step 4. Customers check the information and update the missing information. Check to agree to commit and “Confirm”

Step 6: After clicking “Confirm” the system asks to enter the OTP code to agree to update subscriber information.

Method 3: Via website

(Individual prepaid customers who belong to a file that does not match the national population database and the method of updating via web will start from March 15, 2023)

Step 1 : Enter the subscriber number to update information. Click [Continue]

Step 2 : The system will send the OTP code to the phone number entered through the number 999. Enter the OTP code and press [Continue]

Step 3 : Upload photos including: front-facing document photo, back document photo and portrait photo and click [Upload]. The system will perform data extraction.

Step 4 : Check the information that the system has extracted data from the uploaded image, including: Full name, date of birth, gender, ID card number/Citizen identity card (Not allowed to edit) , date and place of issue.

Then perform a signature in the [Signature] box and check [Commit to the owner of the subscription number]. Click [Verify information] to complete the Change subscriber information operation.

Method 4: MobiFone will come to support at home for special customers, the elderly …

(2) For Vinaphone subscribers

Cases that need to standardize subscriber information include: Customers whose personal information has been registered with VinaPhone but does not match the personal information stored in the national population database. Customers receive messages/calls from VinaPhone about the need to standardize/re-match subscriber information.

Ways to standardize subscriber information:

Method 1: Check and match subscriber information through the My VNPT application

– To do this, customers need to download My VNPT application on Appstore (for iOS operating system) or CH Play (for Android devices).

– After starting the application, select Sign in (or register if this is the first time using) with the VinaPhone phone number to be checked.

– At the main interface select “Subscriber information.” For customers who have to standardize/match subscriber information, there will be an option “Update information,” click and follow the instructions.

– For customers who have to standardize/match subscriber information, there will be an option “Update information,” click and follow the instructions.

Method 2: Check information on the web

– Customers need to access the website, log in with the VinaPhone phone number to look up. VinaPhone will send OTP code to customer’s registered subscriber number.

After logging in, customers select “Subscriber information” or select Menu/Manage account plan Personal information.

– For customers who have to standardize/match subscriber information, there will be an option “Update information,” click and follow the instructions.

Method 3: Customers go to the nearest VinaPhone transaction points nationwide to be supported by VinaPhone staff.

Customers need to bring their Identity Card/Citizen ID card when coming to the transaction points.

VinaPhone’s customer care hotline 18001091 operates 24/7 to support and answer customers with all necessary information in the process of standardizing subscriber information.

(3) For Viettel subscribers

The first text message to invite customers to standardize subscriber information will have brandname: VIETTEL. Customer service phone number will text/call to notify customers requesting standardization of subscriber information as well as call center to receive customer feedback: Phone: 024 6266 0198 – Alias: VIETTELCSKH

Method 1: Access the My Viettel App to check and standardize information.

Method 2: Visit website: to standardize information.

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