All of the interesting technologies that Samsung brings to new home appliances

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Referring to technology devices, especially home technology, cannot help but mention the presence of “the king of electronics” Samsung . It is no exaggeration to say that the products of this brand are always in the top-list of choices. choose Vietnamese consumers for the variety and quality that these products bring.

In the “industrial revolution 4.0” and the growing modernization trend, Samsung has upgraded future technologies into a series of home appliances that provide optimization to make people’s lives become more. easier.

Tất tần tật những công nghệ thú vị mà Samsung mang tới cho đồ gia dụng mới đây - Ảnh 1.

The most prominent example is AI technology bringing artificial intelligence to every corner of your family by Samsung . If you have struggled in the past with thick TVs and unclear curtains, a noisy washing machine that destroys a good night’s sleep or an air conditioner with a cold wind that affects the respiratory system … Now, with advanced technologies combined with AI artificial intelligence in new products such as AI Washer, AI Windfree … crafted by Samsung, it will definitely be an explosion at the present time. guesswork will replace common widgets in the future.

Impressive Micro LED TV series, Neo QLED, Lifestyle TV

Tất tần tật những công nghệ thú vị mà Samsung mang tới cho đồ gia dụng mới đây - Ảnh 2.

One of the great future and considered the heart of the new generation TV series launched in 2021 is the Micro LED TV – Samsung’s most advanced television series today. By using LEDs with micro-micrometer size to eliminate the common panel and color filters through 24 million LEDs deliver standard HDR color and brightness. In addition, the Arena Sound sound technology and Multi View feature applied to this television brings more perfection in terms of listening and viewing.

According to the announced price of the manufacturer, the Micro LED TV with the price range of 3.5 billion VND is considered the highest-priced commercial television of Samsung today. In an expensive television is always required from the user a luxurious design, with this upgraded version the bezel is almost 99% removed from the body, bringing a sense of life and class. Samsung high-end customer segment.

Tất tần tật những công nghệ thú vị mà Samsung mang tới cho đồ gia dụng mới đây - Ảnh 3.

On the market today, there is very little content with high resolution, mostly in the popular formats, or the highest is the 4k standard. Understanding that, the manufacturer has integrated AI technology on the 8K Neo QLED TV that automatically converts all low-quality images into 8K format, with this technology users will enjoy any good movie. program in 8K regardless of original quality and original format for an improved visual experience.

Tất tần tật những công nghệ thú vị mà Samsung mang tới cho đồ gia dụng mới đây - Ảnh 4.

Besides, Lifestyle TV is also very popular with customers. Not new, but more diverse and accessible than the current conventional television lines. With 4 choices including TV The Frame, The Serif, The Sero, The Terrace, this “fashion television” line is completely suitable for young customers with modern and modern design inspiration. In addition, The Premiere projector is also noted for 4K technology to bring home cinema experience.

The washing machine brings AI artificial intelligence

Currently, technology creation in the world tends to pay attention to the development of artificial intelligence. Most washing machines on the market still retain inherent old features and technologies, focusing only on improving the appearance of the exterior design. Quickly updating that development, Samsung has brought an AI washing machine with artificial intelligence to help consumers handle their laundry faster, saving more time, effort and cost.

Tất tần tật những công nghệ thú vị mà Samsung mang tới cho đồ gia dụng mới đây - Ảnh 5.
Tất tần tật những công nghệ thú vị mà Samsung mang tới cho đồ gia dụng mới đây - Ảnh 6.

Normally, for previous washing machines, users, especially women, had to update the time and manually measure the amount of detergent and softener in accordance with the volume of clothes. But with Samsung’s AI Washer smart washing machine, that has optimized that process, thanks to a 4-sensor system that analyzes the volume and dirt of the clothes, thereby optimizing the amount of water and laundry detergent and washing time. reasonable.

The bright spot in this washing machine is the AI ​​Dispenser smart washing box that automatically adjusts the amount of laundry detergent thanks to the volume sensor, which only needs to be filled up once for 1 month of use. Not only smarter, AI Washer washing machine also works quieter thanks to VRT Plus technology with the ability to reduce noise up to 30%, even if the washing machine is left overnight, it will not be “startled” by the noise. like washing machines commonly found on the market.

AI WindFree the air conditioner is not cold

Vietnam is a hot and humid country, with the changing weather making the summer even more scary. Most of the air conditioners on the market today have the same formula for fast cooling, cold wind, quite energy consuming and uneven heat dissipation. To improve the above common things, Samsung creates a new refrigeration revolution with its cold windless WindFree air conditioner that creates a huge distance for conventional air-conditioners.

Tất tần tật những công nghệ thú vị mà Samsung mang tới cho đồ gia dụng mới đây - Ảnh 7.

WindFree technology cools the room evenly.

Tất tần tật những công nghệ thú vị mà Samsung mang tới cho đồ gia dụng mới đây - Ảnh 8.

With the WindFree technology that Samsung brings, it will optimize the airflow to bring cold air evenly throughout the room without having to focus the heat dissipation on a narrow range as usual. Instead of blowing the wind directly, the cold air will gently diffuse the air through 23,000 tiny holes in the camera body, giving a feeling of lightness, comfort and good for the user’s health, avoiding medical problems. by the bitter breeze of conventional air-conditioners.

Today, the air is increasingly polluted, the frequency of skin and respiratory diseases is increasing. Not only does it bring a gentle breeze, but the WindFree air conditioner also has a filter that prevents dust and bacteria up to 99%. In addition, thanks to WindFree technology combined with the Inverter Boost feature to save costs up to 77% while ensuring the cooling speed and heat dissipation capacity to help you enjoy the cool space in the longest time.

Tất tần tật những công nghệ thú vị mà Samsung mang tới cho đồ gia dụng mới đây - Ảnh 9.

It is impossible not to mention the Bespoke refrigerator with flexible and customizable design. Based on your personal taste and indoor interior layout, you can freely design and choose colors depending on your style, making the house.

Nowadays, with the use of devices with future technology, users can optimize time, space and cost to bring a more comfortable and quality life.

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