akaBot and WEM APAC demonstrate technology that combines Hyperautomation and No Code

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On September 7, akaBot, a virtual robot assistant automation solution provider under FPT Software, collaborated with partner WEM APAC to successfully organize the online technology event The Evince. At the event, akaBot and WEM demonstrated the virtual robot assistant development process with Hyperautomation technology and No Code platform. Attendees have the opportunity to experience the process of creating virtual robots in person, interact directly with leading experts in RPA and No-code, as well as learn more about automation solutions for chemical processing. comprehensive menu.

akaBot và WEM APAC trình diễn công nghệ kết hợp siêu tự động hóa Hyperautomation và No Code - Ảnh 1.

The Evince event: when Hyperautomation and No-code combine invoice processing

At the event, Mr. Tran Quang Tin, RPA Solution Consultant from akaBot shared: “We are honored to cooperate with the leading No-code platform WEM APAC to bring more value. Through the event, we want to convey the message “Everyone can automate”, everyone can start the automation journey.The combination of Hyperautomation and No-code can allow any Anyone, any business starts the journey of automation, digital transformation in the easiest and most exciting way.”

Even within the framework of the online event, Mr. Quang Tin also demonstrated live in detail the process of developing a virtual robot assistant using the No-code feature of akaBot Studio. Through the guidance, the audience watching the event can easily create their own virtual robot assistant after only 4 steps with simple drag and drop operations. In addition, a comprehensive invoice processing automation solution with akaBot Studio and akaBot Vision integrated with Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) technology was also introduced by akaBot and received positive feedback from the audience.

Also at the event, experts from WEM APAC introduced the No-code Enterprise Application Development Platform. The platform is expected to increase the ability to develop applications ten times faster than traditional methods while reducing the cost of purchasing, installing, operating services, .. by a third. Thereby, WEM APAC also hopes to help global businesses accelerate digital transformation and automate processes.

akaBot và WEM APAC trình diễn công nghệ kết hợp siêu tự động hóa Hyperautomation và No Code - Ảnh 2.

The speaker demonstrates live the development of virtual robot assistants with Hyperautomation technology

As a pioneering super automation solution provider, paving the way on the digital transformation journey for businesses, akaBot constantly improves products as well as integrates intelligent technology platforms such as AI technology, Machine learning, etc. Intelligent document processing IDP… brings a comprehensive automation solution to customers. With the message “Everyone can automate” akaBot hopes to continue to expand potential markets, especially markets in Asia and Europe, helping businesses reach the number one automation and transformation. easily, at a reasonable cost.

Starting in 2021, akaBot officially signed a cooperation agreement with WEM APAC – the leading No Code platform in the Asia Pacific APAC market with the desire to expand the market and bring more value. to customers globally. The unique combination of No-Code and RPA from two units helps to accelerate the implementation of large digital transformation projects 10 times faster. Within a year of cooperation, the two have cooperated with many global enterprises, operating in the fields of IT, Banking, E-commerce, Manufacturing… with customers from many big markets such as Australia, USA, India, Spain, UK, Middle East, Malaysia, Thailand…

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