AirPods Max headphones will ‘water’ if used for a long time

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AirPods Max was announced earlier this month. This is one of the high-end headphones available on the market and sold for $ 549. It received many positive reviews at its launch for its premium design and sound quality. However, some users have recently complained about a particular issue. That is the accumulation of steam inside the listening section. According to reports, the phenomenon usually occurs after users use headphones for a long time.

According to initial assessment, metal ear cups can be the cause of water droplets accumulation after long periods of use. Besides, the AirPods Max also have ear cups that provide comfort and allow noise cancellation by forming a cushion around the earcups. But it also holds moisture and after long use, in certain cases moisture will accumulate as water droplets.

Tai nghe AirPods Max sẽ chảy nước nếu sử dụng lâu - Ảnh 1.

The gold-plated version of the AirPods Max by Caviar.

Several users have shared their experience on Twitter, Reddit and other platforms, insisting that the headphones will start to malfunction until the moisture is gone. Some users have even provided a snapshot of their headset with moisture on it.

However, condensation is not unique to the AirPods Max, and condensation after long use of headphones is not uncommon.

Tai nghe AirPods Max sẽ chảy nước nếu sử dụng lâu - Ảnh 2.


Many users have shared about this issue with a quite reasonable explanation that moisture accumulates due to perspiration from the ears, when the ear cushions hold air and heat, causing visible moisture accumulation. . Noise canceling headphones often experience this problem more often than the regular versions. A company called EarHugz has even produced sweat-resistant headphone covers as a solution to this problem.

Currently, to fix the problem temporarily, users are advised to periodically remove the earphones and wipe the ear cups after wearing the AirPods Max for a long time or during exercise. To do this, open the cushion and dry the metal interior with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth, as advised by Apple.

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