AirPods Max can be put on low power with a pair of refrigerator inhalers

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The same goes for the AirPods Max headphones that Apple just launched not long ago. Many users are still discovering the hidden secrets of the device, including a pretty cool feature that allows you to put your $ 550 wireless headphone into low power mode with just a pair. Simple refrigerator inhaler magnets.

If you haven’t already, then one of the more advanced features of the AirPods Max is that it can never actually be turned off. For ease of use, the AirPods Max are always activated, helping users never waste … precious seconds waiting for it to pair with the iPhone, but that also means this headphone will need. charged every day while its battery life is only 20 hours. The solution Apple offered is a protective case that looks like a women’s bra – or less rude, like a handbag – so that when you put the headphones in, it automatically goes into low power mode. to preserve battery life.

For some reason, there are many AirPods Max users who are not very excited about the protective case, including the guys behind the Emergent Technology YouTube channel. Therefore, they found another method to activate the low power mode of the headphones.

Có thể đưa AirPods Max về chế độ điện năng thấp bằng một cặp nam châm hít tủ lạnh - Ảnh 1.

First, they found a magnetic field film, which is a clear plastic coated with microcapsules containing nickel particles floating in the oil. In the presence of a magnetic field, the nickel particles change position, creating dark and bright patches, indicating that the surrounding magnetic field is present. However, the micro-magnetic sensors used to put the AirPods Max into low power mode are too weak to be detected by the film.

Therefore, they had to use the method of groping slowly to find the locations of the sensors. Eventually, they discovered they were placed at the front edges of each ear cup. They are sensitive enough that only a pair of relatively weak magnets used to decorate the refrigerator can be detected, thereby automatically putting the headphones into low power mode when disconnected from the iPhone.

But the low power mode is only maintained when magnets are present; Once the magnet is removed, the headphones will automatically reconnect. As a result, manually activating this mode without a protective case may seem provisional to many people, but it makes it easier for third-party manufacturers to create better cases for for AirPods Max, which costs up to $ 550 if you’ve forgotten it!

Reference: Gizmodo

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