Air conditioning, cooler at Tiki: There are items up to 50% off, free delivery as scheduled

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Sắm máy lạnh, máy làm mát tại Tiki: Có món giảm đến 50%, miễn phí giao lắp theo lịch hẹn - Ảnh 1.

Sharp Inverter air conditioner discount is only 6,090,000 VND on Tiki and free service for installation according to TikiPRO appointment schedule. The product is the spiritual savior that takes you through the dry season by possessing J-Tech Inverter technology to save energy and Powerful Jet technology to help cool you quickly. As soon as you get home, you can immediately enjoy the cool atmosphere, hesitate without buying, bro!

Daikin Inverter air conditioner is currently preferential on Tiki with only 8,590,000 VND. This series is very suitable for a room area of ​​less than 15m2, possessing modern Coanada cooling technology that helps to avoid direct drafts into the body and long life thanks to 2 layers of anti-corrosion fins. Go to Tiki to buy a cooling device right away to get TikiPRO coupon up to 2,000,000 VND, be delivered at home and enjoy a super “bargain” price!


Sắm máy lạnh, máy làm mát tại Tiki: Có món giảm đến 50%, miễn phí giao lắp theo lịch hẹn - Ảnh 3.

Kangaroo KG50F11 air cooler only has 2,699,000 VND on Tiki. The product possesses a luxurious design, elegant color tone and the ability to create a cool breeze throughout the space. The machine operates with a quiet SQD engine to help save energy effectively, and the durable ABS plastic body helps to prolong product life. Especially, customers are free of charge when using TikiPRO scheduled delivery service.

Kangaroo KG50F09 air cooler halves the price, only VND 1,449,000 today on Tiki. The device integrates multifunctional cooling, humidifying, and air purifier with 3 diverse wind modes, effectively filtering and deodorizing the air. Products are also free of charge TikiPRO service delivered and installed at home by appointment.


Sắm máy lạnh, máy làm mát tại Tiki: Có món giảm đến 50%, miễn phí giao lắp theo lịch hẹn - Ảnh 5.

Nagakawa air cooler only has 2.69 million VND at Tiki and free scheduled delivery service TikiPRO. The machine has 4 wheels that are easy to move, equipped with multi-dimensional air intake function and 2 separate cooling modes including conventional cooling and steam cooling which is very energy-efficient. An extremely useful item to help you overcome the hot hot season!

Samsung Inverter refrigerator “super big” has a super saving price of only 6.99 million dong at Tiki. With a capacity of “huge” up to 276L, you can rest assured food storage for your family. Modern, sophisticated refrigerator design, convenient freezer, large compartment capacity ensure to meet the needs of families with 3 or more members. This is also one of the products with TikiPRO service for free scheduled delivery and assembly.


Sắm máy lạnh, máy làm mát tại Tiki: Có món giảm đến 50%, miễn phí giao lắp theo lịch hẹn - Ảnh 7.

55 inch Samsung 4K Smart TV reduced to only 12,790,000 VND at Tiki. With a luxurious 3-sided borderless design, modern HDR10 + technology, the TV offers a wide, vivid color range with genuine Dynamic Crystal Color color technology. This screen used to play games is super smooth, reducing shake thanks to Real Game Enhancer technology. Also, free of charge TikiPRO service, delivered according to a convenient appointment schedule!

The 43-inch Sony 4K Android TV with a discount of VND 8,890,000 at Tiki continues to be in the group of products with free delivery according to the appointment. This is a new line of Sony TVs that offers outstanding picture quality, true colors and sharpness, impressive sound from bass-reflecting speakers, advanced voice control for a truly immersive experience. experience watching movies as vivid as they are outside the theater.


Sắm máy lạnh, máy làm mát tại Tiki: Có món giảm đến 50%, miễn phí giao lắp theo lịch hẹn - Ảnh 9.

Smart TV Philips HD 32 inch only 2,890,000 VND and was delivered at home 0 only today at Tiki. The TV features a simple design, subtle colors, LED backlighting and a Pixel Plus HD engine for vivid display colors. The plus point of the product is also in the multitasking USB port that allows you to comfortably watch directly downloaded content from the memory without having to use a third-party reader.

Smart TV LG 4K 49 inch “pop the roof” of nearly ten million, the price is only 10,890,000 VND! Moreover, only today, when choosing the TikiPRO service, you are free to install the service by appointment and receive a coupon of up to 2,000,000 VND! This is LG’s most advanced LED TV series, providing outstanding picture quality, purity from the RGB color range, surround sound technology suitable for watching movies at home and LG ThinQ AI function. Easy to adjust by voice.

Come up Tiki now to get great deals for the electronics – refrigeration group with a series of hot deals up to 50% ++, an additional discount coupon of up to 2,000,000 VND when using TikiPRO service timed delivery. goods and installation immediately, creating the most favorable conditions for Customers when purchasing bulky products and needing installation services. “Up to life” house right here .

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