AI won a runner-up in a fashion design competition in China

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Written by The Anh

This AI system has surpassed 16 other teams to win runner-up at the fashion design competition.

According to Technode , an AI “fashion designer” won a runner-up award at the International Fashion Design Innovation Competition in China.

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This AI system is called DeepVogue, developed by Shenlan Technology. This is the only “contestant” not human in the competition. It surpassed 16 other teams and persuaded the 50-member jury to win the runner-up award.

Product designed by AI. Photo: Shenlan Technology.

Fashion design is an area that requires creativity and updates of continuous trends. Previously, many argued that AI will not be able to perform creative work.

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“Machines are always machines, artificial intelligence is no exception. They can only execute commands according to the established process. They are incapable of thinking and creating new things, ” Kaixian quoted an AI comment.

However, the reality shows that the point of view is completely inaccurate. According to Shenlan Technology, this AI system was created with huge data sources from designers. Based on the information collected such as images, topics or keywords, AI will analyze and self-learn, thereby “creating” its own products.

“AI will not replace designers. It will support those who do not have knowledge of this area, ”said the panel of judges.

This victory poses many expectations for the technology about the potential of AI development in the fields of creativity and art.

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