AI technology can now perfectly restore color for “old-fashioned” black-and-white videos.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting more and more martial land thanks to the tremendous development in terms of both technology and applications. For photo, film and AI restorations, it is really a powerful weapon that helps them save a lot of time and still get extremely quality products.

Recently, Dr. Satoshi Iizuka of the University of Tsukuba and assistant professor Edgar Simo-Serra at Waseda University published a research paper around the application of new AI technology in the process of recreating old images. In short, this technology will use the Temporal Neural Network to identify and restore blurriness in low-quality photos and videos.

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Satoshi and Edgar said the new AI technology has advanced multitasking / multi-tasking capabilities, which can simultaneously handle a variety of tasks such as reducing image noise, restoring color, and improving the overall quality of video: “ Restoring old video footage involves lots of small tasks like noise reduction, increased resolution, and enhanced contrast. Besides, due to technological limitations in the past, many videos were recorded in black and white. Therefore, the process of color recovery is also extremely important and time-consuming to perform . ”

However, saying that does not mean that AI technology is so powerful that it can do everything on its own. It is true that it will help restore low-quality photos and videos, but researchers must also provide the right source of sample images to make the database as good as possible. It is thanks to these sample photos that the AI ​​begins to choose the right colors for the restoration process so that the final product is perfect.

Công nghệ AI giờ đây đã có thể phục chế màu sắc một cách hoàn hảo cho những đoạn video đen trắng cũ rích - Ảnh 2.

The new AI technology will use the reference image provided by the two researchers to choose the colors that best suit each scene.

Although at present, there are no actual projects using Satoshi and Edgar’s new technology, this is still an extremely potential research. With the advancement of AI, it is not surprising that this technology will become an integral part of Hollywood as well as many other film industries in the world in the near future. And maybe, the documentary will become a more attractive and popular topic thanks to the significantly improved image quality.

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