Ahamove – Case Study applies cloud computing to develop during and after Covid

Tram Ho

AhaMove – The inner city delivery app is not outside the Covid track – turning this risk by taking advantage of cloud computing.

About AhaMove – The leading urban delivery application

AhaMove is a transport service that helps more than 100,000 shop owners, business owners ship goods in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City with fast speed, reasonable costs and a powerful shipper team. AhaMove also helps more than 25,000 thousand Vietnamese drivers have a monthly income with a attractive fee and bonus policy.

Ahamove - Case Study áp dụng điện toán đám mây để phát triển trong và sau Covid - Ảnh 1.

AhaMove’s big customers are: The Coffee House, Kiot Viet, Pet mart, Sendo, Lazada, Tiki, Masan, Sakuko, Mia, Juno, …

Challenges and opportunities for delivery services like AhaMove in the post-Covid situation of the market?

When asked about the difficulties and effects of the pandemic, AhaMove representative shared:

Despite the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, it is fortunate that AhaMove is not affected too much in terms of growth. Of course, partly because of the high demand of people to buy online, the delivery activity is not collected. But we do not consider this a sustainable growth and AhaMove is still trying to improve the service and launch more new services that are suitable for customers such as Near Delivery (food delivery) or 4H (delivery fashion cosmetics at a reasonable price) And cloud computing is the technology platform that AhaMove uses to effectively implement plans as quickly as possible, specifically one of the suppliers. The cloud we are working with is BizFly Cloud.

The affected part is mainly the recruitment of season drivers. We strictly follow the Government’s translation guidelines and directives, so drivers who were directly trained will now switch to online training before officially becoming AhaMove’s partner. AhaMove office workers are also allowed to work at home .

It was the rise of e-commerce in this period that became a “life buoy” for delivery services, found opportunities in challenges, AhaMove has expanded a number of new services instead of shrinking.

Cloud service provider accompanies the success of AhaMove shipping service

“We are using the Cloud Server service of BizFly Cloud and are quite satisfied with the quality of the service and the price of the provider. Most importantly, AhaMove is always supported by a dedicated consulting and technical team. mind. ” – AhaMove representative added.

Specifically, a good platform must be one capable of keeping the application ready for peak periods.

Ahamove - Case Study áp dụng điện toán đám mây để phát triển trong và sau Covid - Ảnh 2.

To meet this stable operation demand, BizFly Cloud has provided AhaMove with Cloud Server solution that meets all the criteria: Good load, high availability and proactive in increasing and decreasing resources according to demand. realistic bridge.

Equally important is the quality of the consulting and technical staff. The app “doesn’t sleep” and of course Cloud Server has to, too, while system problems can be accidentally visited regardless of the day or night. So a technical support team ready to support 24/7/365 is essential to maintaining a smooth customer experience.

As a successful case study application of cloud computing to survive and thrive during the difficult Covid period, AhaMove representative also did not forget to share his experience with other businesses with optimism:

“I think that enterprises applying technology in post-Covid-19 production and business will be indispensable and inevitable trend in Vietnam in the near future. Covid-19 epidemic is like a dose. stimulant for the technology startup movement has been developing strongly in Vietnam for about 5 years If without technology, at the time of this epidemic, we do not know how we will cope. If businesses continue to insist on traditional ways of doing things, it is unlikely that they will survive, no one knows when the epidemic will end and when the epidemic ends, the economy is at a point.

So businesses first prioritize finding a reputable, reliable cloud partner that can understand and share difficulties with businesses today. ”

BizFly Cloud is a market leading low-cost, multi-service provider in cloud computing, operated by VCCorp.

BizFly Cloud is one of the four key enterprises in the Ministry of Information and Communications’s “Campaign to promote digital transformation with Vietnam cloud computing”; fully meet all criteria and technical specifications of cloud computing platforms serving e-government.

Readers interested in FREE TRIAL can access it at: https://bizflycloud.vn/

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