After Uber, 2019 saw 4 CEOs calling a cult car to leave the seat, the “leader” Grab is making rivals so miserable?

Tram Ho

In just one year, the car reservation market in Vietnam happened a series of personnel fluctuations at the highest level in the most popular car startups. Are these the events of startups weaker than Grab’s “tycoon” – a big player that dominates the 70% market share of ride-hailing in Vietnam?

We would like to review the main events in the “rain” instead of people in these car reservation projects.

Hậu Uber, năm 2019 chứng kiến 4 CEO startup gọi xe đình đám phải ngậm ngùi rời ghế, kẻ dẫn đầu Grab đang khiến các đối thủ bám trụ quá khốn đốn? - Ảnh 1.

Go-Viet: Entered Vietnam more than 1 year, replaced 2 CEOs less than 6 months apart

The fluctuation of senior personnel was intense and the earliest was Go-Viet.

At the end of March 2019, Mr. Nguyen Vu Duc and Ms. Linh Nguyen both resigned from the position of General Director and Deputy General Director in charge of Go-Viet development after just over half a year of this application launched in Vietnam. These are two senior personnel who have been with Go-Viet since the time this application started to operate in Vietnam market. Mr. Duc and Ms. Linh previously worked at BIDV.

At that time, according to a source of Dealstreet Asia, the two executives requested a compensation of $ 800,000, a sign that they were forced to resign by Go-Viet. Go-Viet declined to comment on the compensation information, and said that Mr. Duc and Ms. Linh were accepted as consultants at Go-Jek and continued to work in Vietnam. However, the personal Linkedin pages of the two former Go-Viet leaders did not update the new job information at Go-Jek.

Hậu Uber, năm 2019 chứng kiến 4 CEO startup gọi xe đình đám phải ngậm ngùi rời ghế, kẻ dẫn đầu Grab đang khiến các đối thủ bám trụ quá khốn đốn? - Ảnh 2.

Mr. Nguyen Vu Duc – former CEO of Go-Viet.

Nearly a month later, Go-Viet announced the appointment of former Vietnamese Facebook director Le Diep Kieu Trang as the new CEO. Ms. Trang is one of the famous business women in the Vietnamese technology world when she held many important positions at Misfit, Fossil, Facebook Vietnam. However, Ms. Trang also left the position of Go-Viet CEO after 5 months in office. After leaving Go-Viet, Ms. Trang took on the role of co-founder of Alabaster Venture Fund in Vietnam. In a recent sharing with young intellectuals, Ms. Trang acknowledged that “there is no predestined employment so no more jobs”.

Hậu Uber, năm 2019 chứng kiến 4 CEO startup gọi xe đình đám phải ngậm ngùi rời ghế, kẻ dẫn đầu Grab đang khiến các đối thủ bám trụ quá khốn đốn? - Ảnh 3.

Ms. Le Diep Kieu Trang – Former CEO of Go-Viet.

In August 2019, after 1 year of joining the market, Go-Viet marked a milestone of 100 million trips and more than 125,000 driver partners. However, according to information from market research company ABI Research, Go-Viet only accounted for more than 10% of the market share of Vietnam car-hailing market in the first 6 months with 21 million completed trips. ABI also informed that the number of Go-Viet trips in 2018 was 40 million.

According to ABI, it can be seen that the Go-Viet growth rate is quite slow because in fact in 2018, Go-Viet only operated in the last 5 months of the year from August to December.

Until now, Go-Viet has not revealed the time to deploy transportation services by cars, despite being approved by the Department of Transport of Ho Chi Minh City to participate in project 24 on piloting the application of science and technology in supporting. support and management of passenger transport activities under contract in the city until the new Decree 86 on business and conditions for automobile transport business takes effect.

In addition, Go-Viet has not launched the electronic payment service Go-Pay. Earlier, in early July 2018, Go-Viet informed that it was recruiting the legal director and business development director for Go-Pay with the introduction “this is an opportunity to become a part of the executive management team.” Cao is preparing to launch Go-Pay in Vietnam “.

And worse yet, Go-Viet has only one payment option on the app, cash, no card payment method as rivals.

AhaMove – Parting CEO and co-founder for a long time

Not long after Go-Viet replaced CEO Nguyen Vu Duc, in early April 2019, AhaMove co-founder and CEO Nguyen Xuan Truong also left the top position after 3.5 years of running this on-demand delivery startup. Mr. Truong’s replacement is Mr. Pham Huu Ngon, CTO (Technical Director) of AhaMove.

A source shared that if the General Director and Deputy General Director of Go-Viet left the company due to a conflict with Go-Jek about the legality of Go-Viet Company (Vietnamese or Indonesian companies, Go-Jek is the parent company or just invested …), the internal AhaMove gossip about each person’s strategic view.

Hậu Uber, năm 2019 chứng kiến 4 CEO startup gọi xe đình đám phải ngậm ngùi rời ghế, kẻ dẫn đầu Grab đang khiến các đối thủ bám trụ quá khốn đốn? - Ảnh 4.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Truong – Former CEO of AhaMove.

AhaMove belongs to Quick Delivery (now Scommerce), founded by Mr. Luong Duy Hoai and Mr. Phuoc Tran, a former member of EasyTaxi. Mr. Phuoc Tran quickly left AhaMove after only 1 year.

At the beginning of joining the founding team of AhaMove, Mr. Truong played the role of “general manager” in Hanoi – building the team from 0. In addition to the motorbike market, in November 2015, Hanoi team also took on the task of activating the market truck in the city.

When Scommerce decided to try online food delivery with Lala service, the Southern market was assigned to Mr. Nguyen Trung Tin and Mr. Truong was assigned to take on the position of CEO of AhaMove and as an initiator for Lala. in the north. However, the battlefield of Food is too “bloody”. Just before the New Year 2019, Lala has left the game.

According to Truong, a paradox to solve in platforms is the “Chicken – Egg” problem. For AhaMove, that’s the story of Shipper (driver) and order: few applications, few drivers, but fewer drivers, fewer applications.

After leaving AhaMove, Mr. Truong joined Momo e-wallet as the Director of P2P segment.

After the restructuring of senior personnel, under the new CEO Pham Huu Ngon, the business situation at AhaMove has prospered.

In the middle of September 2019, Mr. Ngon shared with the press that the average daily delivery on the AhaMove system is about 60,000 orders. AhaMove’s system has 100,000 registered drivers, but an average of 20,000 drivers have daily deliveries on the system. The average income of each driver ranges from 4 to 15 million / month.

The business leader said he did not choose to “burn money” like some competitors but chose to continually improve technology, test new services continuously, offer services to help reduce costs for customers. goods, increase the driver’s income, instead of pouring money into service promotions.

be – Replace general after 1 year of impressive breakthrough

“be” is the latest postnatal birth application in Vietnam market but at that time it is also the business with the most “potential”. On December 13, 2018, the “be” ride-hailing app was officially launched in Vietnam. At that time, Mr. Tran Thanh Hai, CEO of beGroup announced that this application was registered for transportation business. The CEO also wants to have 6.6 million downloads and 105 million trips after a year.

After exactly 1 year of launching, “be” also aims to develop a potential digital ecosystem and provide many services, of which the main services are beBike (2-wheel booking service), beCar (booking service). 4 wheelers), beFinancial (service providing efficient financial solutions for individual customers, drivers and businesses), beExpress (postal delivery service), beDelivery (delivery service) and the nearest is beLoyalty loyalty program to compete with GrabRewards.

To date, the “be” ride-hailing app has been available in 9 provinces and cities including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Vung Tau, Can Tho, Da Nang, Nha Trang and Hai Phong; downloaded 5.5 million mobile devices with 60,000 drivers, about 350,000 vehicles are required daily and has completed about 36 million beBike and beCar trips since the official start of the service in January. 12/2018. According to a report from market research company ABI Research in Vietnam, “be” has risen to No. 2 and is the only Vietnamese enterprise among the top 3 most developed ride-hailing applications in the market.

With these results, it is undeniable that the company has just gone through an impressive year when it reached the No. 2 position in the ride-hailing market, just behind Grab. But less than 2 weeks after the “cradle” startup, information CEO Tran Thanh Hai left the company was released.

Specifically, on 24/12, beGroup Joint Stock Company – the owner and developer of the “be” ride-hailing app officially announced the change of senior personnel. Accordingly, Ms. Nguyen Hoang Phuong – currently Chief Operating Officer – will hold the position of General Director of beGroup from December 24, 2019. Mr. Tran Thanh Hai – General Director will leave for personal reasons, but continue to hold a strategic advisory role for the Board of Directors.

Hậu Uber, năm 2019 chứng kiến 4 CEO startup gọi xe đình đám phải ngậm ngùi rời ghế, kẻ dẫn đầu Grab đang khiến các đối thủ bám trụ quá khốn đốn? - Ảnh 5.

Ms. Nguyen Hoang Phuong and Mr. Tran Thanh Hai are both founding members of the “be” ride-hailing app. In the past 1 year, Ms. Phuong has been in charge of deploying and operating “be”. She is knowledgeable about the company and works closely with Mr. Hai and the Board of Directors to help bring “be” to the present success.

More than 3 months ago, Mr. Tran Thanh Hai, CEO of beGroup once announced excitedly about building “be” into a powerful empire to put Vietnam on the map of the region in the field of super-applications.

According to many rumors, the reason for this departure of Mr. Hai is likely that the “be” has overspending too much and too fast in a short time, so the group of financial investors for the be from VPBank decided. stop pouring money? Mr. Hai also tried hard but couldn’t find new sources of money?

Many other applications have been completely silent

Although there have been major ups and downs in senior personnel, at least the above-mentioned startups can continue their business and find solutions to their problems. In fact, the fierce ride-hailing market has witnessed the departure of many companies, large and small, not just the CEO.

The biggest name to mention is Uber. On April 8, 2018, Uber officially locked the application, putting an end to the 4-year journey to Vietnam. Parent company Uber has decided to sell its business in Southeast Asia (including Vietnam) to Grab.

Before the official closure, Uber had many difficulties in Southeast Asia and Vietnam in 2017. In early October 2017, Mr. Dang Viet Dung officially left the position of CEO of Vietnam after 3 years in office. .

Hậu Uber, năm 2019 chứng kiến 4 CEO startup gọi xe đình đám phải ngậm ngùi rời ghế, kẻ dẫn đầu Grab đang khiến các đối thủ bám trụ quá khốn đốn? - Ảnh 6.

Mr. Dang Viet Dung – Former CEO of Uber Vietnam.

By the time Uber left Vietnam market, VATO was considered a potential application when Phuong Trang poured at least US $ 100 million. At this time, Vato said it had about 8,000 drivers registered to ride the ride-hailing service after the Uber app was about to stop operating in Southeast Asia. VATO currently has a total of about 9,000 drivers.

In September 2019, after a period of silence, VATO gained attention when it announced the discount of drivers participating in the ride-hailing service to the lowest rate in the market of 5%, then continued to surprise with copper delivery service costs 9,000 VND for a distance of less than 5 km. However, in terms of market share, this application is still quite inferior to other competitors in the market.

ABER’s application launched in June 2018 with a new point without discount of drivers, launching 6 products and services such as motorcycles, cars, delivery, business cars … But only after a few May, this app must notify downtime.

A number of other applications such as Xelo and T.Net have announced their launch, but most of them do not work on the ride-hailing market.


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Source : Trí Thức Trẻ