After HTC and Xiaomi, it is Nubia’s turn to launch smartphones with transparent backs?

Tram Ho

Perhaps, transparent design is not too strange at the present time. We have seen this design before on a wide range of product lines, from Nintendo Gameboy game consoles, Microsoft and Sony gaming controllers, as well as on HTC U11 + smartphones and Xiaomi Mi 8 / Mi 9 duo.

In an article posted on Twitter, Nubia CEO recently confirmed that its next gaming smartphone – Red Magic 5G will have a transparent back. With this design, we can easily see the internal components of the device, as well as the mechanism of operation of the cooling system.

Sau HTC và Xiaomi, đến lượt Nubia cũng sắp ra mắt smartphone với mặt lưng trong suốt? - Ảnh 1.

However, except for the cooling fan, the other components seen through the back of the Nubia Red Magic 5G are only 3D printed circuit boards, similar to Xiaomi’s Mi 8 and Mi 9. It lists some of the device’s key specs such as Snapdragon 865 processor, LPDDR5 RAM, Wi-Fi 6, 144Hz refresh rate display and support for SA / NSA dual-mode 5G networking.

The back of Red Magic 5G will undoubtedly cost more than the other color variants. It is expected that it will be available in a few days after the standard version is officially on sale.

Nubia Red Magic 5G with a transparent back

In terms of specifications, recent reports indicate that the Nubia Red Magic 5G will have a 6.65-inch OLED screen with a 144Hz refresh rate, comes with a 4400mAh battery, uses a Snapdragon 865 processor with LPDDR5 RAM up to. 16GB and 256GB internal memory.

It has a 3-camera system on the back, of which the main sensor has a resolution of 64MP. In addition, the device also supports 55W fast charging technology and has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

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Source : Genk