After Google, OPPO may also be developing its own chipset for flagships

Tram Ho

After months of leaks and rumors, Google has finally officially announced the Pixel 6 series. One of the key highlights in the Pixel 6 is the custom Google Tensor chip. Google claims that this chip offers significant performance improvements over the one on the Pixel 5, and it also brings a host of AI and machine learning features on its latest flagships. Inspired by Google’s decision to offer custom chips on the Pixel 6 series, it looks like OPPO is currently developing its own chip as well.

According to Nikkei Asia, OPPO has started developing high-end mobile chips for its flagship smartphones. The company aims to gain more control over core components with its custom chipsets and reduce reliance on other manufacturers such as Qualcomm and MediaTek.

Sau Google, OPPO có thể cũng đang tự phát triển chipset riêng dành cho flagship - Ảnh 1.

Although OPPO has not revealed any details about developing the chip itself, two sources familiar with the matter told Nikkie Asia that OPPO plans to bring its SoC to market in 2023 or 2024. The report reveals added that OPPO is looking to use TSMC’s 3nm manufacturing process for these chips. Along with the SoC, OPPO is also working on custom AI and ISP algorithms for its smartphone cameras.

It’s still a bit early to say whether OPPO will be able to bring its custom SoCs to market. Developing a custom chipset is a daunting task, so it could be a while before we hear any official word from the company. In a comment on the matter, OPPO only told Nikkie Asia: “Any R&D investment is aimed at enhancing product competitiveness and user experience .

Reference: XDA-Developers

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