After Google, a series of US tech giants including Intel and Qualcomm stopped supplying components to Huawei

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Intel, Qualcomm, Xilinx and Broadcom will stop together for Huawei, following the ban by President Donald Trump.

Recently, Google has withdrawn licenses for Huawei’s Android operating system, making China’s leading smartphone maker face an extremely difficult future. But the problems for Huawei have not stopped there.

Following the latest policy of President Donald Trump, to strangle China’s technology and telecommunications company, a series of major US technology companies also announced to stop supplying components and cooperate with Huawei.

Chip makers including Intel, Qualcomm, Xilinx and Broadcom all announced to stop supplying components to Huawei, until the latest announcement. This is the same punishment that has been applied to ZTE, causing this giant to halt all its production.

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Last Friday, the US government listed Huawei and its subsidiaries blacklisted. The US accused Huawei of conducting espionage activities to support China. In addition to the blacklist, the US also threatened to cut off chip supply and license software that Huawei needed to produce its devices.

This move will have a huge impact, not only for Huawei. US technology companies that do not sell parts to Huawei will also suffer heavy losses. In addition, the deployment of 5G mobile network also faces difficulties, in the absence of an important supply from the US.

The deployment of 5G mobile network in China may also be delayed until these bans are lifted. Therefore, US-China tensions will become more and more escalating, while the trade war is still extremely tense.

According to experts, this is a very strong punishment by the US Government for Huawei and can stifle the core manufacturing activities of this Chinese company. However, earlier, Huawei also said it had prepared in advance for the worst scenario that could happen.

Huawei’s contingency plan includes the development of a separate operating system for smartphones and personal computers. In addition to stocking a large number of components from Intel and Qualcomm, in order to prevent the script from being cut off by the US as it is today.

But saying so, is the actual contingency plan helping Huawei overcome the numerous difficulties now? Let’s wait and see.

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