After dinner with Mr. Tim Cook, Mr. Trump admitted that the 10% tax was unfair to Apple

Tram Ho

Mr. Trump has long threatened to impose tariffs on electronic goods imported from China, the last time a 10% tax on the list of taxable goods covering most of Apple’s product lines. This is seen as a move to retaliate against the Chinese government because trade negotiations fail.

However, after President Trump and Apple CEO Tim Cook met at dinner last Friday to discuss the effects of these taxes on Apple, Mr. Trump said Mr. Cook had having a “very persuasive argument” about the difficulties Apple will face with the new tariff.

Sau bữa tối với ông Tim Cook, ông Trump thừa nhận mức thuế 10% là không công bằng với Apple - Ảnh 1.

Mr. Cook said, because of its rival and its main partner, Samsung produces most of its products in Korea, a 10% tax rate on Apple products will help Korean manufacturers have advantages before Apple in the US market.

According to CNBC, Mr. Trump told reporters on Sunday about dinner with Apple CEO: “I think he had a very convincing point.”

“It is very difficult for Apple to pay tax if they are competing with a talented company but not subject to that tax.” Mr. Trump added.

Earlier tariffs were introduced to electronics products such as cell phones and laptops that were postponed until December 15, helping to avoid important Apple products such as the iPhone and MacBook being subject to taxes. This is after September 1. Apple shares rose nearly 4% after Mr. Trump’s deferred tax decision.

Refer to Apple Insider


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