After all, Paint is retained in Windows 10

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Written by: Tan Minh

Previously, this application was removed from Windows 10, and users can download it if they want. But Microsoft changed the decision at the last moment.

You can stop worrying, fans of Microsoft Paint: this legendary application will continue to be an indispensable part of Windows 10 and not be killed as the previous information.

It will continue to be preinstalled in Windows 10 ″ – Microsoft senior program manager, Brandon LeBlanc, speaking on Twitter like that.

This is really good news for anyone interested in Windows Paint, the application is over 30 years old and has always been part of the Windows operating system since 1985. Millions of people around the world have used Microsoft Paint to create his own paintings for decades – no exaggeration, it is a fundamental application of modern computing.

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Microsoft had intended to remove the application, meaning that they would not install Paint in Windows 10 anymore.

Photos Microsoft posted on Twitter to reassure fans

Instead, you will be able to download this application from the Microsoft Store if you want to use it.

Besides, Microsoft has also launched a new application called “3D Paint”, which is expected to be a new evolution of the original painting program.

But after a few months, Microsoft finally decided to cancel that plan, and the Microsoft Paint application never disappeared from Windows 10 according to fans’ wishes.

Thus, it can be confirmed that it will continue to be preinstalled in Windows 10, as it has always been since the early days of Windows.

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