After 19 years of waiting, fans of the 2D style Metroid game also have a trailer to watch, a new version is coming soon

Tram Ho

In the earliest versions, Metroid has a 2D graphic style that takes players on an adventure in a maze-like map, having to unlock special functions to be able to continue to progress and meet the final boss. About a decade ago, Metroid changed in the form of a 3D shooter, but with boring gameplay and crappy plot, fans gradually lost their passion for the once-popular series.

Sau 19 năm đợi chờ, fan của game Metroid phong cách 2D cũng có trailer để xem, sắp có bản mới để chơi - Ảnh 1.

The fourth installment of Metroid Prime (one of the major Metroid lines in the series with countless spin-offs) is available at E3 2017… in the form of a photo. Gamers don’t know much other than that Nintendo is developing a new Metroid. It wasn’t until E3 2021 that fans got to see the first trailer, and also knew the name of the new game was Metroid Dread. Having just announced the Dread version, Nintendo also reassured fans that Metroid Prime 4 is still in development.

Trailer announces Metroid Dread for Switch.

In the trailer, players will see the heroine’s familiar adventure style: going room by room, dealing with a variety of monsters, possessing familiar powers – such as turning into a ball, moving in space narrow or jump walls, and also new powers like “stealth”, hiding in the environment to avoid enemies.

The game will officially launch on the Nintendo Switch on August 10.

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