After 1 day ‘disappearing’ for no reason, the Pi Network virtual currency mining application has reappeared on Google Play

Tram Ho

As noted, this virtual currency mining application reappeared on December 22 on the Google Play app store for Android devices, after only about 24 hours, it suddenly disappeared for unknown reasons. Currently Android users can search, download and use this application normally.

Previously, on December 21, the sudden disappearance of the Pi Network application from Google Play made many users in the community of this virtual currency bewildered. The Pi’s development team then posted a notice on the homepage, stating that the Pi Network app is currently undergoing a regular review cycle and is not available for download through the Google Play Store” and provides 1 link to download APK format file.

However, the return of the Pi application to Google Play has made many users of this application feel happy.

“His brother is back, it will definitely be better than before. AntiPi (who opposes / opposes Pi – NV) is disappointed again”, a member commented in the community group Pi Network Vietnam, which is has about 110,000 members.

Sau 24 tiếng 'mất tích', Pi Network đã xuất hiện lại trên Google Play - Ảnh 1.
Statistics from the Google Play app market show that the Pi Network application currently has more than 10 million downloads, with about 408 thousand reviews. (Screenshots)

In the last year (2020), Pi Network is a name that is receiving great attention from the crypto/blockchain community, and public opinion. The advertised Pi mining work is quite simple, when users just need to download the Pi Network app on the Appstore or Google Play and create an account. After that, the user opens the app every day to start the Pi mining process on the smartphone.

Worth mentioning, the Pi Network application has received a lot of analysis and criticism from information technology experts. In it, many experts have pointed out suspicious signs about the Pi coin as well as the Pi Network system, saying that “the Pi process is just a clock running the time, it creates the feeling of using a mining phone. money”.


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