Afraid of Apple’s dire retaliation, Microsoft voiced support for Epic

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The battle between Epic and Apple from the duel quickly spread to other companies, as Apple threatened to revoke Epic’s accounts in development programs for iOS and MacOS. This also means that Epic’s Unreal Engine, a game development tool used by many other game developers, will not be certified to run on Apple operating systems.

As a result, Epic filed a petition to the court to issue a temporary restraining order against Apple’s actions while the lawsuit was in progress. Epic argues that removing support for the Unreal Engine is an unnecessary punishment, as it affects even the developers who built Epic’s engine but has no direct benefits from the lawsuit.

E ngại đòn trả đũa thảm khốc của Apple, Microsoft lên tiếng ủng hộ Epic - Ảnh 1.

Indeed, Apple’s punitive action on other developers drew another giant into the war: Microsoft.

The world’s second most valuable technology company after Apple has issued a statement in support of Epic’s petition, highlighting the seriousness that could happen if Epic lost access to Apple’s development tools. Any developer using this engine will not be able to fix security holes or fix bugs once access has been revoked, seriously affecting support for countless titles, including. Microsoft Forza.

Kevin Gammill, general manager of Microsoft developer experience, emphasized that the Unreal Engine is a ” key technology for countless game creators, including Microsoft ,” and is one of the development engines. third-party games are the most popular today, and there are ” very few other options for creators with as many features and functionality as the Unreal Engine on every platform, including iOS .”

Denying Epic’s access to Apple’s SDK and other development tools will block Epic support for Unreal Engine on iOS and MacOS .” Mr. Gammill added. ” And will put Unreal Engine and the game creators, already building titles on it, at a terrible disadvantage .”

E ngại đòn trả đũa thảm khốc của Apple, Microsoft lên tiếng ủng hộ Epic - Ảnh 2.

Phil Spencer posted a tweet stating Microsoft’s support for Epic’s petition.

The irony is that many years ago, Microsoft itself was under investigation for similar proprietary practices, but they are voicing support for Epic. Even so, Microsoft’s statement never mentions Epic’s antitrust lawsuit against Apple.

Microsoft’s support for Epic’s petition to block Apple from withdrawing their developer accounts is understandable. Apple’s actions not only have a direct impact on Microsoft’s titles like Forza or Minecraft, but before that, the friction between the two giants also occurred when Apple denied Microsoft’s xCloud game service to be brought to iOS.

On Monday (US time), court hearings on Epic’s petition for a temporary ban on Apple’s blocking action will take place, and the support of a giant like Microsoft can have considerable weight on the verdict.

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