Adding a “drop-door” operator, iPhone Lock users are allowed to go international for free

Tram Ho

Network-locked iPhones, also known as iPhone Lock, are devices purchased from a network under contract, and are software-locked so that they can only use the carrier’s SIM.

iPhone Lock is imported to Vietnam and sold at a much cheaper price than international devices, the difference can be up to millions of dong. And so, when buying an iPhone Lock, users are forced to accept that they will have to use a SIM card for the rest of their lives.

Thêm một nhà mạng thả cửa, người dùng iPhone Lock được lên quốc tế miễn phí - Ảnh 1.

When buying iPhone Lock, users will determine to use a lifetime SIM transplant

But in some cases, iPhone Lock users have absolutely the opportunity to go international with cheap prices, even completely free thanks to the carrier’s policy.

Last year, many users of Docomo (Japan) ‘s iPhone Lock were welcomed by the network when it allowed free unlock for eligible devices. However, the other two major Japanese carriers, Softbank and AU KDDI, had no movement at the time, leaving many users uneasy.

But the waiting day has ended for users of the network AU KDDI, when the carrier has officially allowed users to unlock free iPhones sold by the network.

Like Docomo, in order to be able to unlock successfully, the iPhone must meet the conditions of the network provider AU KDDI. Specifically:

– Machines belonging to AU KDDI network.

– Phone model from iPhone 6s and above.

– The device is out of warranty, or if it is still in warranty, it has been activated (activated) for more than 100 days. To check, users can visit Apple’s website here and enter the iPhone’s serial number.

– The device does not report loss. To check, users can visit AU KDDI’s website here and click the 次 へ (Continue) button. If the circle icon (O) or triangle (△) appears, your iPhone is eligible to unlock. If the X icon appears, unfortunately your iPhone has been lost and can not be unlocked.

Thêm một nhà mạng thả cửa, người dùng iPhone Lock được lên quốc tế miễn phí - Ảnh 2.

If your device meets the above requirements, congratulations! You can unlock your iPhone via the official AU website for free. The unlocking process is quite simple when you only need to register an account of this operator to unlock it. However, please note that this website is only in Japanese, so you will need a tool like Google Translate to assist.

In case the unlock process is too troublesome for you, there are currently some unlock services with very cheap prices, only about 20,000-50,000 VND. Along with that, there are also “tight guillotine” unlocking services with hundreds of thousands of VND that users should stay away from.

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