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Tram Ho

Stemming from your little need to learn Japanese, when talking with Japanese friends in some zatsudan groups !!! , I want to save good conversations for later viewing and reuse. Of course, to be good, you have to remember and use it often.

The most common way of doing it is to slam the pages, scroll through each message, see which sentences are great and especially must be saved by the Japanese people (because the Japanese words will obviously be better than that. 😄 ). After some time appeared some problems:

  • Sometimes because I am busy all day, I don’t have time to go there to see and collect it anymore.
  • When in multiple slack groups, the bigger the ambition is to want all the messages from those groups.
  • Few browser tabs, look less cluttered on the tab bar 🙃

After all, I also found a little less manual way is for the message to automatically add from slack to google sheet whenever someone messages on it. At night, I just sit and watch the file sheet, translate it into Vietnamese and study it 🤓 . A way of learning that might seem a little weird to you, but freestyle, maybe helps someone with their work.

⚠️ Due to the implementation of using a 3rd party software, you should consider carefully when using because it can reveal confidential information to customers.

The installation is quite simple. I will use Zapier software, it can solve these problems.

This is my final result.


  1. Sign up for a Zapier account
  2. Create a google sheet file
  3. Name the service
  4. Set up Slack in Zapier
  5. Set up Google sheet in Zapier

Sign up for a Zapier account

You go to the site Zapier register for an account.

⚠️ Note : for example, if you choose to register Zapier by gmail, all three Google sheet, Slack, Zapier accounts must be from the same gmail account.

Create a google sheet file

You need to create a google sheet file first, including the fields you want to add from slack. For example, Username, Message, .. For example, I just want to know the name of the person chatting and that person’s message, I will create a file sheet as follows:

This information needs to be created first to add it to zapier.

At screen Dasboad you will choose to connect between 2 slack applications and google sheet as shown below: At the When this happens … section of Slack and with this one! of google sheet , will be the action for you to manipulate between these two applications. This means that besides the purpose of personalization, I just want to automatically add the message from the slack whenever people chat in ggSheet, you can try with many other actions. Back to my purpose, I will select the option as shown below: This means that just a new message or thread of anyone in any channel that appears on the slack will automatically be added into the google sheet. Then you click Use Zap .

Name the service

At the new screen, in the upper left corner, enter the name of the Zapier service.

Set up Slack in Zapier

Next, in the Choose Account section, you will select the slack and Workspace account. Click on the selectbox and select Add a New Account popup will appear asking you to select Workspace in the upper right corner of the screen. Then click Allow . Click CONTINUE -> CONTINUE -> TEST & CONTINUE (only test if connected to the slack, skip also)

Set up Google sheet in Zapier

Next, in the Choose Account section, select your google sheet account (note that select the account that you have registered for Zapier and slack). And choose CONTINUE .

Then, in Customize Spreadsheet Row, select the folder containing the file, file name, sheet name, column names (the column names will be displayed after you select the sheet name). It is the file information above that I have to create before. (Actually, there is no need to create beforehand, you will lose a few more synchronous operations 😆 )

In Member Name and Message section (please repeat this is the name of the column in the sheet file I set), you will have many choices about the information you want to push into that column in the sheet. It will have examples right each option. Then press CONTINUE -> CONTINUE -> TEST & CONTINUE (just test if connected to ggSheet is not going to try sending sample data, skip also).

At this point, you need to turn this service ON, maybe in many ways. One is that after TEST & CONTINUE will be available or not tested, an ON message will appear as below. or upper right corner as shown.

As a final step, return to the slack, hover over a previous message, select the 3 vertical dots icon as shown below and select Push to Zapier … Zapier

Au, that’s done. Please try chatting on slack and check the sheet. I repeat, there are many options for both applications and actions on which you can try.

We hope to receive your comments. I would like to thank.


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Source : Viblo