Activision announced Ricochet anti-cheat software that runs directly on the kernel, only turning on when the game is running

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Yesterday, Activision boldly declared ” there is no place for cheaters, and soon you will know what we have in mind “. Activision revealed its intentions today: a cheat-like technology in the game called Ricochet, which uses a driver that runs directly on the operating system kernel (kernel) to ” help identify cheaters, while also reinforcing and strengthen server security ”.

Ricochet Anti-Cheat is a multi-pronged approach to anti-fraud, with a new server-assisted technology that helps track data to identify fraudsters, strengthens the investigation process to stop users. use fraudulent software, security updates to accounts and much more, ” Activision asserts. Ricochet is software developed in-house specifically for the Call of Duty series, and will be applied to the Warzone version for the first time.

Activision công bố phần mềm chống gian lận Ricochet chạy trực tiếp trên kernel, chỉ bật khi game vận hành - Ảnh 1.

Kernel-based anti-cheat software technology is not new as it has appeared on Valorant, Doom Eternal and Genshin Impact. But with the emergence of such software comes security concerns: they are always on, essentially monitoring EVERY activity the user does on the machine. The application of anti-cheat software running on the kernel has always received mixed opinions from the gaming community.

Activision placates public opinion by affirming: Ricochet only operates if and only when Warzone is on. The fact that Ricochet will operate and stop operating according to the game will more or less make gamers feel more secure, because meanwhile, Valorant’s Vanguard software operates continuously from the moment the machine is started.

Activision công bố phần mềm chống gian lận Ricochet chạy trực tiếp trên kernel, chỉ bật khi game vận hành - Ảnh 2.

Ricochet is software for the PC system, but ” widely, console gamers who play cross-play with PC will also benefit “, Activision asserts. Considering that cheat software mainly aimbot (automatic aiming) and wallhack (seeing through walls) abound on PC, excluding these cheat software will make the game environment clean of crooks. At least, that’s the Ricochet theory.

Activision promises to be dedicated to updating Ricochet, and to work with the community to repel the problem of game hacking. It is expected that they will start applying Ricochet to Warzone around the same time the Pacific update airs.

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