Accelerate Program: The hottest updates from the fintech industry’s “starters”

Tram Ho

8 best fintech start-ups in the FE XCELERATE race are starting to experience Acceleration weeks with Vietnam’s leading Consumer Finance Unit FE CREDIT. This is the period where they will experience practical luggage from leading experts and gradually move closer to the goal of expanding their business.

We had the opportunity to talk directly with 2 of the 8 best fintech startups to update and share their latest activities with the FE CREDIT unit during the 12-week Accelerator Program.

Can you introduce a little bit about the product you bring to Accelerator Program?

BankBuddy : BankBuddy is an Artificial Intelligence platform that helps banks transform their financial journeys to be more interactive, personalized and proactive. BankBuddy leverages technologies such as NLP, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, Recommendation Engine & Computer Vision to provide complementary solutions and help provide customers with intelligent and automation experiences. We allow financial institutions to expand their reach into multiple languages, enhance conversions, Cross-sell and Up-sell across segments and services. customers across channels.

FirstHive : FirstHive ‘s story begins with a question: Customers engage with your brand through many touch points. So how do you know if you’re communicating with the same customer on different channels? Your message to the customer may not be consistent and you may lose your contract if their experience is not good. Therefore, FirstHive was created to create more innovations for marketers and enable marketers to reach users more effectively.

How does it feel to overcome over 170 global Fintech candidates to make the list of the 8 best startups on the Accelerator Program?

BankBuddy : We are extremely surprised and excited to be confident in choosing to join this accelerating journey. This is a great testament to how is suitable for the Vietnamese market. This success has previously been realized in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and now, with the opportunity to accompany FE CREDIT, we are confident that we will make further breakthroughs in the region. Asia. It can be said that FE CREDIT has contributed to changing the Consumer Finance industry in Vietnam and is a pioneer in technological applications and innovations to provide customers with the best service experience.

FirstHive : This is a wonderful and unique experience for us and we are really excited about this opportunity. FirstHive hopes to interact and receive advice from the marketing team of FE CREDIT to be able to better elaborate on its products, thereby mapping out the right directions to start putting products into applications. Use and promote the market as soon as possible.

How well prepared and prepared do you step into the upcoming 12-week acceleration period?

BankBuddy : We had a successful start by giving usable examples to convince the judges and the experts in the qualifiers. Besides, we are implementing Agile Methodology to help users deploy work faster and easier to follow with clear outputs every month. In addition, to evaluate the performance level most closely, we have weekly evaluation calls with consultants from FE CREDIT and Medici. We are really pleased with what we have experienced during the past journey when the support we receive is not only technical but also the business aspect shared from top leaders. by FE CREDIT. With practical suggestions, we have a more direct view and can offer ideas that are more tailored to the market and promise an impressive pitch in the future.

FirstHive : We are almost ready with our application product and have data exchange requirements to go to a more complete stage. Next, we will conduct a launch of the User Journey we are proposing. From there, FirstHive can immediately deploy this journey officially and begin to put into testing phase.

How did the experts in the pitch day qualifying day help improve the solution and your product so you can confidently enter the accelerating 12-week week?

BankBuddy : We had a clear and detailed idea of ​​FE CREDIT’s requirements. We participate in the Qualifying Round – Pitch Day with its own signature solution. The panel of FE CREDIT CEOs, Directors and Experts gave us a lot of in-depth comments and feedback, both business and technical. This has added a lot of confidence to the BankBuddy team. We are confident that, with the guidance of FE CREDIT, we will create more innovative and practical solutions for the Vietnamese market.

What are your expectations after stepping out of the 12-week acceleration race?

BankBuddy : As one of the only 8 riders to join the FE XCELERATE Acceleration Roadmap, we believe the true value of these programs comes from the co-creation of both sides and we hope that the The solution we create with FE CREDIT will have a positive impact on not only Vietnamese Financial Technology users but also the Consumer Finance industry in Vietnam market.

A big thank you to BankBuddy and FirstHive for sharing and updates on the FE XCELERATE Speeding Journey. Hope that you will keep the “fire” on the current Acceleration journey and achieve the goals that your startup wants!

Fintech Startup Speeding Journey FE XCELERATE – A “speeding” race that helps Fintech startups have the opportunity to:

● Become a strategic partner of FE CREDIT – Leading Consumer Finance Company in Vietnam with over 50% market share

● Access FE Vietnam’s largest database of customers with FE CREDIT.

● Expanding the business scale with FE CREDIT’s advanced infrastructure.

● Receive positive advice from industry experts and global investors through one-on-one consultations during the program period.

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