ACB officially launched ACB ONE digital banking brand

Tram Ho

This is an important milestone marking ACB’s big transformation in “digitizing” business operations, while aiming for simplicity, modernity and optimization of customer experience.

Mr. Tu Tien Phat – General Director of ACB – affirmed: “Besides the strength of business in the traditional banking model, ACB is determined to build ACB ONE Digital Bank into a key business direction to help ACB grow its profits. profit, promoting the bank’s development to keep up with the digital service trend of the financial and banking industry.. The brand name of ACB ONE Digital Bank will contribute to building the image of a young, dynamic, always creative and innovative ACB. on the market”.

ACB chính thức ra mắt thương hiệu ngân hàng số ACB ONE - Ảnh 1.

Through the brand identity of ACB ONE Digital Bank, in which with ONE means Online “N” Exciting, ACB wishes to help customers take full initiative in time and space when transacting; from there easily enjoy precious moments full of excitement in life. The ACB ONE logo is creatively designed with a stylized “N” from the IN-OUT cash flow symbol, representing a quick and convenient transaction message. In particular, the character representing ACB ONE has a close, lively and modern image, conveying the brand spirit of “live lighter and more fun”, which is the highlight of this brand launch.

ACB ONE owns a friendly, simple and easy-to-use interface for all ages; along with features to meet modern transaction needs such as online card opening; withdraw cash at ATM by QR code; transfer by QR code; buy Sunlife insurance; …

ACB chính thức ra mắt thương hiệu ngân hàng số ACB ONE - Ảnh 3.

Welcoming the launch of ACB ONE Digital Banking brand, in addition to experiencing the new interface, images, and names of digital banking products according to the new identity, individual customers will receive many attractive incentives. Instructions when transacting through ACB ONE: free service and annual fee of ACB ONE; Free online money transfer to all banks (applies to eBIZ, ECO Plus, Merchant and Priority Accounts); offer interest rates up to 0.5%/year when saving on ACB ONE; along with thousands of promotional codes when making payments through ACB ONE.

For more information, please contact Contact Center 24/7: 1900 545486 – (028) 38 247 247 for instructions.

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