About the CSS Section Separator Generator

Tram Ho


Hi everybody ! Today I will introduce a custom tool to create decorative lines when separating layouts of different content in interface design. Before, we had to use Photoshop or illustrator to design, or write vegetarian CSS quite a lot of time, but now with this tool, we do not have to do the above, just adjust the separator interface as you like. I use an online tool called CSS Section Separator Generator

With this old man, in addition to the good ones on it, it is also possible to sharpen the border so that it does not distort the distorted strokes, there are diverse patterns most commonly used today such as wave, sawtooth, arc, cross-section like mountains, .. etc

The custom interface of this tool is also very easy to see and intuitive, in addition to the available templates available when clicking on the demo view will always be in the settings tab we can customize the size, position, quantity , etc .. The HTML and CSS tabs are what we need to get when customized, just copy and put into the work you are done to be done.


This is a tool that helps us save a lot of time in making UI decoration to divide the content, different layouts on the Website, hope the article is useful for you to do about the interface.

Thank you

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Source : Viblo