AAG undersea optical cable is having trouble, there is currently no repair schedule

Tram Ho

The above information has just been shared by an Internet service provider in Vietnam with ICTnews.

Cáp quang biển AAG lại gặp sự cố, hiện chưa có lịch sửa chữa - Ảnh 1.

Since being put into operation in November 2009 until now, AAG undersea cables have experienced many incidents or maintenance, causing service disruptions on the route. (Artwork: Internet)

The ISP representative said that, at 6:15 pm on November 14, 2019, S1H branch cable of Asia America Gateway (AAG) international fiber optic cable had a problem located about 163 km from Vung Tau docking station. kilometer.

Although the AAG cable has been down for nearly half a month, ISPs in Vietnam have not been informed of the repair and troubleshooting plan for the S1H branch cable of this marine cable line.

In fact, although the AAG sea cable has a problem, the impact of the AAG sea cable incident on November 14 with the providers and the majority of Vietnamese Internet service users is not big.

The reason, according to experts, is because in the past 3 years, because the AAG undersea cable often has problems, operators such as Viettel, CMC Telecom, NetNam … have plans to reduce the proportion. international connection capacity via cable line. Vietnam’s Internet capacity has been supplemented by new cables such as APG (early 2017) and AAE-1 (early last year), so in theory, the proportion of capacity via TGN-IA and AAG is reduced, and the Internet Vietnam will be less affected before one of the international cable lines is down.

On the other hand, every time the sea cable routes fail, ISPs in Vietnam have backup plans, navigation, enhanced rescue and bring the service quality to the normal level.

Asia America Gateway – AAG is an international fiber optic cable line with a total length of 20,191 km, with an initial design flow of 2 Tb / s and is constantly upgraded over time, connecting directly to Southeast Asia. (ASEAN) with the US. This international fiber optic cable line has been put into operation since November 2009, passing through Malaysia (Mersing), Singapore (Changi), Thailand (Sri Racha), Vietnam (the branch of the cable branch into Vietnam is 314km long, the point is landing in Vung Tau), Brunei (Tungku), Hong Kong (South Lantau), Philippines (Currimao) and the United States (Guam, Hawaii and California). Since being put into operation, AAG has experienced many incidents or maintenance, causing service disruptions on the route.

Reportedly, just before this incident, the S1H branch of the AAG undersea cable also had a “shunt fault” at 124.5 km from Vung Tau shore station at about 6-7am. On August 16, 2019, influencing connecting Ho Chi Minh City to Hong Kong on the route. The repair and troubleshooting of the incident on August 16 on the branch cable S1H of the AAG line was completed on September 7, 2019, after 3 weeks of interruption.

In the first months of 2019, in addition to the incident on the AAG submarine cable line, ISPs in Vietnam had to cope with consecutive cable sea routes such as IA, AAE-1, APG having problems or being told maintenance. Specifically, on January 10, the IA cable had a power failure in Singapore and was fixed on January 27. Next, the AAE-1 cable was broken on February 13, 198 km from the Hong Kong landing station and by March 6, the repair was completed. At the end of February, consecutively on days 26, 27 and 29, the APG cable malfunctioned on branches S1.9, S1.8 and S3, which were subsequently restored on March 7, March 11 and April 17. APG cable continues to be faulty at the end of May 2019 and will only be repaired by early June.

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Source : ictnews