AAG fiber optic cable has a problem

Tram Ho

The incident with the AAG optical fiber cable will affect Vietnam’s Internet access going from now until September 3.

This morning (August 23), a representative of a major Internet service provider (ISP) in Vietnam confirmed that AAG (Asia – America Gateway) is experiencing a problem, occurring on the S1H segment at The location is about 125 km away from Vung Tau shore station. The original cause is due to “shunt fault”.

It is expected that the cable repair ship will arrive at the fault cable location on the morning of August 29 and is expected to be completed on September 3.

Earlier, some Internet users in Vietnam reflected on the unstable Internet, especially when accessing some services such as Netflix, YouTube, and Facebook. An ISP representative did not specify the specific number of affected users but said the number was very small and the level of influence was negligible.

In the past few years, ISPs in Vietnam have had many alternatives to AAG when this cable line is continuously experiencing problems.

AAG is a 20,000 km long undersea communication cable system, connecting from Southeast Asia, going through Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam (landing point in Vung Tau), Brunei, Hong Kong, Philippines and the US. This cable route was put into use in November 2009, with an initial design flow of 2 Tb / sec and is continuously upgraded over time. However, this is also a cable line that is assessed as “weak”, often interrupted by incidents.

From the beginning of 2019, consecutive international cable routes that many Vietnamese operators exploit have trouble. In early January, the IA system had a source error in Singapore and was fixed in the month. Next, the AAE-1 cable was broken on February 13 and it was fixed on March 6. At the end of February, the APG route had problems on the S1.9, S1.8 and S3 branches, which were later restored on March 7, March 11 and April 17, respectively. APG cable continued to fail at the end of May and it was not until early June.

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Source : VNExpress